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DerpCraft Texture Pack Review

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avatar supremewand250
Level 22 : Expert Narwhal
This Is My Review Of A TexturePack Made By Nero-Zero and the Texturepack's name is DerpCraft.DerpCraft__thumbjpg

I Have seen MANY TexturePack's before but this one caught my eye because of its new creeper texture.I gotta admit the first time I looked at that I creeper I couldent stop laughing :3.So Of Couse I Downloaded And Tryed It Out.So far been loving it.Its a mixture of mistic and cartoonLets start with the Mob Texture's.

Mob Texture's- I'm going to start with of course the creeper.I loved It Because Of It's Funny and unique way it showed The creeper.Next Is the Zombie.The Zombie Texture Is Awesome and also unique (More is being added to it).The Skelly and the other mobs havent been done yet because in case you dident know this is a new texture pack.

The Cartoony Blocks- The Grass blocks look nice and vibrant,and...(I cant believe I'm saying this.....)The Dirt Blocks look....well...awesome :3.The Stone And Cobble Look quite nice but The Restone I Just dident seem to get the texture for that.Most people like the pumpkin texture the most though.It Has a Happy And Sad Version Each One Quite Good.The Pickaxe and sword look's good too.

The Mistic Blocks - The Diamound Ore and Item Look Really Cool.So Does The Lava.

The Quirk's- Some things (like the pumpkin,gold block,brick,)are glitchy right now,Dont let this Get you away from this texturepack though.It's New And Has Just Came Out So Of Course there are going to be some things wrong.

All in all,This Is A REALLY Good Texture Pack that you should consider using.If You Like This Please consider Subscribeing,diamounding,or just plain commenting!Thaks For Reading!


08/04/2012 12:12 am
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