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DiamondBlog Tutorial: How to Build Big, Beautiful, Things

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Hello girls and boys, Diamonddozen here! I literally JUST did a rant, but this blog is different. I will be entering the Minetorials contest! If you did not read the title then obviously you aren't quite in the know-how of my topic. I will be giving a tutorial about building giant things WITHOUT world edit. Let's begin.

Chapter I: Preparing

Building in Minecraft isn't all about placing blocks and calling it a project. You must also plan, get the blocks you need, and maybe even sketch out what you are going to build. I recently started a build that is simply titled Library. I didn't do what I said to do and the building kind of went awry. I'm not saying you have to do this but I suggest doing it. Not necessarily in this order.

1. Plan
What are you going to do? Where is it going to be (super-flat, custom terrain, etc.)? These are both key factors in preparing for your build.

2. Select your blocks
You don't have to do this, but it may help you to be a little quicker. What I sometimes like to do is select the blocks I am going to use and put them in assorted chests. This is a little better then just putting random blocks on the ground.

3. Sketch Out your build on a notepad or even with MSPaint.
I really love to do this. I take a couple pieces of paper and draw different perspectives of it on the paper. That way I can copy off of it and build it exactly how I want it. I wouldn't suggest using a pen because at least with a pencil you can erase mistakes.

Chapter II: Building

Section I: Outline

When I'm building I like to start from the outside. The outline will allow you to make great things because it sets your tone or width and height of interior. This is something you don't want to screw up, because this is the first thing people see. If your viewers are like me they want to check the outside first and see if it's safe to go in.

"I like it big, colourful, neat, and different."
-Mr. Mann 2012.

This was something my teacher would always say when we had a new project coming up. This can apply to building as well. Bigger builds get recognized faster. This may not be true for some. Colour is a big aspect of the build. It allows you to set the style, tone, and shade. Whether it be medieval, dark, light, heavenly, hell-bound or whatever else. Neatness applies to what kind of blocks you put down. Sure people love a good random structure from time to time, but don't go all out and place unneeded blocks. Be original. Don't make a ship, aircraft, or something overused. Unless you are AMAZING at building. Then again if you were any good you wouldn't need my help.

"Quality over quantity, but if possible add quantity to the quality"
-nRust AR87, 2011

Yes, sometimes big builds aren't always the best. First make it presentable otherwise it may not be great. If you think it looks good enough then add some size to make it even better.

Section II: The Rest

The second thing downloaders are going to do is go inside. Even if you make the outside amazing your inside can be the demise of your entire project. Make sure to add detail, reality, and whatever else you need to spruce up. I personally love the flower pots everywhere. Especially when using Sphax Pure BD Craft.

Sub-Paragraph A: Detail

Detail all depends on what kind of build you are making. For an example I am going to use a medieval castle. Some details you may want to include are: the beheading room, the thrones, the lunchroom with a long table etc. Also don't be afraid to use the environment to your advantage. Maybe try to find a waterfall somewhere. It will add to the scenery.
Chapter III: Uploading

Section I: Posting

Posting can also lead to downloads. It matters what you say. Be descriptive and detailed (there pops up that word again). You don't want to say something like "this iz an castle DOWNLOAD AND DIAMOND AND I WILL MAKE MORE". This is not descriptive at all and quite demanding. Also don't forget to use grammar in your posts. Say something like "This is a castle I have been working on for quite some time now. It includes (whatever it includes). Please show me some support by placing a diamond or downloading. Thanks". This will most likely give you a few downloads out of sympathy.

Section II: Making the save file

This is the simple part. I will take you through I steps I use.

1. Copy and paste the save folder to your desktop. Your folder will be in the .minecraft folder under saves. To go there just go run>%appdata%>.minecraft>saves and then click on the folder.

2. Turn the folder into a .rar. To do this you must have WinRAR or 7-zip. You just right click and click add to .rar. This is the simplest thing you can do.

3. Upload to Mediafire or Dropshare. Personally I prefer Mediafire but Dropshare is fine too. Don't forget to copy the link the download is on.

4. Put the site in the download part of the editing process. Whilst you are editing it will ask you to upload the save file. Just put the link in there.
Picture of Download Spot

Then all you have to do is click save. And you are done.
Thank you for reading. If you liked this blog and wish for it to win the Minetorial contest then just clickity-clack the diamond button there and it will help out. I really hoped this help in your future endeavours.

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Update #2 : 07/26/2012 10:56:44 amJul 26th, 2012

If you want this blog to win then you gotta diamond and favourite. Come on we can do this together!

07/26/2012 11:45 am
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Seska Rotan
Well structured, concise, and nicely put-together. A Diamond for your efforts.
07/16/2012 11:45 pm
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
There you go. One Diamond. Good Job again. :)
07/16/2012 8:10 pm
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
Very nice guide! Also, thanks for subscribing to me. I hope you keep doing well!
07/16/2012 11:07 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Baconator
Could you maybe diamond it?
07/12/2012 1:08 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
Very nice dozen I knew you were going to enter this contest
07/11/2012 10:00 am
Level 37 : Artisan Lava Rider
I think this is going to be very helpful for my adventure map. Thanks
07/12/2012 1:36 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Baconator
No problem. I would love a sneak peak of your adventure map *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*
07/12/2012 8:16 am
Level 37 : Artisan Lava Rider
:D i'm not providing you with anyone pre-release download, if you want to see whats going on with it look at my post:
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