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DICE's Star Wars Battlefont; It's a love-hate thing

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avatar Numbskull
Level 22 : Expert Nerd

So DICE recently released their beta for Battlefront. Here we got a lot of our initial questons answered. 

I have played videogames since I was young, like most average gamers, and Battlefront was the actuall reason I wanted to watch Star Wars (I am a devoted fan today). I loved the whole aspect of character and loadout customisation and how detailed everything was. Back then it was mostly 3rd person gaming. When you started you were restricted to basic features(primary rifle, secondary pistol, grenades and that way about it)to get you started. No RPG's, no shotguns, no landmines. Even you character options is limited at first.

To get a shotgun, a new uniform color, a new race, you had to work. 

However I have many problems with this new game;

I don't like "beta". I suppose it is there for a reason but basically a company is releasing a half-finished game loaded with bugs and missing key features. I suppose that one could give feedback, but nine times out of ten suggestions are thrown out the window. 

As I said, like with most old games, we all started equal, at the bottom, and we had to work hard and grind those hours to get that new feature like insignia or weapon. DLC is what ruins gaming for me. I am 15 It was a miricle for my mother to get me Minecraft (she is a single parent as my father died a couple of years ago, meaning one source of income). I will buy a game and will make it work for me by working hard. When I play a multiplaye game I hate those children who are half my age yelling at me for playing badly with my stock class gear. When I check them out I usually see they have been playing for less time than me and have purchased all the elite DLC stuff.

To me, I don't believe in buying aftermarket stuff for gaming. I would rather work for gold than buy something that I will lose interest in. Original Battlefront: Was a quarter of the price, had no beta and no bugs, fun multiplayer, clean multiplayer, all the maps were playable from the word go. DICE Battlefront: Have to pay for new maps, pay for new items, pay for new characters, bugged beta, heavily relies on purchasing aftermarket DLC for best experience, will attract those annoying kids with OP stuff...

I still want to play it, but with all the thing that I hate about it, its not worth upgrading my pc to play it.

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10/14/2015 4:41 pm
Level 27 : Expert Artist
Well i want SW BF 3 but my dad doesnt want to buy PS4 Becouse of the online... I have been a fan of BF series since i got BF 1

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