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Did you know this? Arrows with potion effects

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BassHeroSDGR305DX_PMC avatar BassHeroSDGR305DX_PMC
Level 27 : Expert Artist
Another unique thing you can do in Minecraft Bedrock is to use the cauldrons with stored potions to give potion effects to arrows, In this case I did this, I poisoned 59 arrows and And others 33 with Harming, Without using Lingering potions, I discovered this a few days ago and wanted to share this with you, Maybe this will help you, I don't know if this also works in the Java version

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08/18/2021 5:38 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
Luis_Ur avatar
As I understand it's only in Bedrock, though does sound like something that should be modded/data packed into java at least, the dripstone to fill a potion cauldron is also a feature I'm a pinch jealous of, lol.
08/13/2021 6:22 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Engineer
EndermanDotDat avatar
the basics of this is known by most bedrock users. but the part with multiple stacks is the cool part
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