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Discord, and Shaders

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Cygnus656 avatar Cygnus656
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I have created a new Discord server where you can leave suggestions/questions/comments/memes/etc. for A Touch of Trek, and where I will also post occasional teasers of new stuff I'm working on. Feel free to join! https://discord.gg/dEgxPm

3.1 was a pretty hefty update, so there may be a gap before new teasers start rolling in c;

Also, I've received some questions about the shaders in the recent images I've put out, so I might as well make it official. BSL shaders are the preferred shaders for A Touch of Trek HOWEVER they will require some tweaking. Mostly in blocklight, where you should balance out all the colors to about 160, and then bump blue up to 172. Then increase intensity to about 1.3. That should work pretty well, but be warned: shaders can do dumb things with the lighting on certain large block models, such as the shuttlepods. I'm still pretty new to shaders so there may be more tweaks or even other shaders that would work well, but out of the 3 popular shaders I tested, BSL worked the best.

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