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Words DO Matter! [Encouragment is key] [A friendly Reminder]

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HEYO MAYO! Rolling in from my long run around the Sun, back through the super-massive black hole, and then stopping at Dairy Queen to have some flame thrower wraps with a waffle bowl sundae!

Alight, It has been a while... I might be a little 'rusty' on the blog [If you know what I mean].

Without further a-do, any do-do's, dodo birds...

ENCOURAGEMENT [Want some, Get some.]
A simple conversation on words.
It's one of the biggest lies in this world, [no, it’s not "this won't hurt], and that lie is "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”
Words, words, words. Why do we even have words? The answer lies in the existence of encouragement.

Words, like most people would define them as, are combinations of the different letters in the English language, and yet this simple definition cannot explain why words have such a bigger effect on this then they probably should.

Let me try to explain this in words, and that is what is essentially going on between two minds during a conversation. One person say's something, maybe a word? Who knows? The first thing is our first impression, how our mind first takes these words. Our mind at this state is probably in a super simple primitive state when taking in words, basically having no meaning. Then comes the next step, decoding; with decoding, this is the part where your mind is interpreting what you heard just means, and the amount of time that your brain takes to decipher words all depends on what is happening or what is being heard, or even if you understand it. For most things [that you actually understand], your mind usually goes quite fast through this stage. The time between you getting the words, taking the words as simply "symbols", decoding the words, and then having an interpretation for those words can either be as slow as when you don't get a joke, as average as when it takes you a while to realize you've been insulted, and as fast, if not faster, then the fastest reaction time.

Now, a conversation is blooming from this process. Now, I'm just going to hope that you know that there is a big difference between feeling and speaking what you're feeling, so you are screwed if you don't get the difference. So, your brain has an interpretation, and your brain has a reaction, the problem is the brain doesn't exactly "speak" in a language that humans talk in, that's why we don't start speaking from the womb, that’s why there is so many bloody languages!

If you've ever heard the term "think before you speak" and ignored it, you sure are a disgrace to conversation, and you should probably take that advice so you can be a not-disgrace! If we want to speak a response. Our brain needs to encode the information it has created, and honestly, this is the part we need to think about this. The reason people say stupid things, is because a lot of times, usually because of how we were raised, because of our assumptions and presumptions, our faiths and beliefs, we all have different 'auto' responses. And that is the sending stage, the part where we voice a response, which may or may not happen, #HadTheLastWord. The process just starts again from the other mind, and a conversation is born.

Now I understand, tons of complications, but this is just a super simple dia-sentance [Yes, it's a word now...]. Now that you have some sort of grip to how words are processed, I'm going to move on and use weird words! Avast!

The Dark Side
Too much star wars reference

Ok, so words are important! And... Complicated! But we should know there effect is great! In the same way, words are also deadly, vicious snares. As said at the start of this blog, that phrase we use about words is completely NOT true! Words can hurt, a lot, that's why things like cyber-bullying actually exist, So we have to be careful about what we say! In this section I'll give us two examples.

The first example, is one that used to be a hot topic a few years ago, and that is criticism vs constructive criticism, however though that fad has died out, I feel like it is a good example to show what I mean.

Say for example, there is a youtube video I am watching, and the video really sucks, but the content is rather average, I can comment two things:

"Yo l0l Da Gr4pcz r t3rrabl, u sh0d stop meakin vidz u suc @ et."

"Yo bro, nice vid. Gr4pcs r super buggy n' stuff. Try sony vegas pro, works wonders :P"

I color code these for effect! So you can know which is which. The comment in red is simply criticism, it address' what it wrong with the video, but then kind of just leaves it there... The GREEN comment however is constructive criticism, while is does also point out that the graphics were bad, it gives some helpful advice, and I'm assuming its because this person actually wanted to see this type of video again, but in better quality graphics.
Not in constructive criticism the nicer thing to do, it is also the smarter thing to do. How would we advance as a species if we don't get better at anything? I think you and I both don't want humanity to stop advancing!

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
A few years back, I took a class on social psychology (where I got my stuff lol.), and a real interesting term I come across was this one, you know, the pink one :). Anyways, the first part of the general meaning of this term is that what we think of ourselves will dictate our successful is life, or anything; The second part of the general meaning of this term is that what OTHERS think of us influence our success in life, or, once again, anything else.

"But Rusty!" I hear you cry... "My parents told me it doesn't matter what other people think!" Well, that is true, in a way. This term often refers to people we respect, people higher up or in authority to us, or just generally people we care about.
The most classic example to use is the school example. Say I am taking two classes, with two different teachers. The first class is a science class, which I suck at, and the second class is an English class, which I struggle with.

I hand in my work, and the I ask the teachers for feedback. The science teacher sighs,and simply tells me "You know, you are horrible, I don't think you could ever become 'insert science-y job.'. Ok, wow rude. The English teacher on the other hand, says "I've noticed you've been struggling, but you can do it! I know you can, I'm here to help if you have any specific questions or need help with anything!" Alright, that warmed my heart.

I'll give you some time to think... Which class am I going to pass? Am I going to become a writer and blog on PMC for all my days? Or am I going to become this psychologist who asks people about their childhood and knows about brain electrons and what-not...?

If you said I was going to become a blogger, your correct! This is exactly what happened to me! So you can take my word for it!

With the science teacher and stuff, I kept hearing from this big science dude or whatever, that I wasn't good enough. Obviously, in our brains, even if we try to do well in science, are always going to be thinking about how this authority figure told them they couldn't do it. Now, I'm not I'll NEVER be that psychologist, obviously if I believe that I can do it and really work towards it, (first part of general meaning) then I can! However I am much more likely to succeed in English, because I was more motivated and encouraged.

A Much Needed Conclusion (for some reason)
Ok, now lets conclude this with a simple statement, the whole sham-wow with one big nutshell. In everything you say, and yes that includes writing, be sure that it building people up not bringing them down. The world advanced because the people advance, and that one kid who you were mean to may of been destined to become the man who solved world hunger. I'll give you a hint, we have world hunger because of the white guys greed and glutton
... But back on topic, how will we ever grow as people, and how will ever see people grow unless we encourage them! There is a saying that I personally use (Yes It's from the Bible, get over yourselves you offend-able ninnies), "Treat others the way you would wish to be treated."Obviously we want ourselves to succeed and to grow in everything we do! If we extend encouragement, it is very likely that encouragement will be extended back to us, and thus a chain of personal growth will begin!

I don't normally ask for diamonds at the end of my posts, and that's because its extremely encouraging just when you guys leave a simple comment! I hope to get back into blogging regularly! See ya soon!

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Do you want me to make a blog on why puppies matter?
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Very good, interesting topic and to the point.
I do suggest some proofreading for it; the interesting thing is though that the proofreading wouldn't be for wording(like with me) but for typos, the wording was great.
Please keep doing this,

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aww its just -rusty- :c

jk </3
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Y u do dis 2 my emotons...
Ah, you play wit dem...
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On the other hand, <3 is a heart, but also a sideways icecream cone
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