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Does an endless game have an end?

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avatar Nitgo
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"Nothing can stay forever" a person with depression might say, but does this work for even the things that are meant to be endless?


Today the "Endless" Topic we will be talking about are games. Games that are made to never die games that are made to entertain us till the end of time. But before we head strait for the details of the topic we have to understand the types of endless games that are out there.

Hummm, tell me more.

First we have the simple cash grab games that have a simple idea and a simple "reach the finish line" goal. These games become boring in a very fast amount of time.
Then we have the games that have a great story line and idea, world development, and emotional connection. But the world development is very good that the game designers said to them self "If the player likes it a lot we could just turn it into an open world game after the player finishes the story mode!" and that's how it's done!
Then we have the multiplayer games that feature an endless amount of game play as long as there is another person out there willing to play along with, or against you.
lastly we have the one that we want to talk about, and it's the open world games, they are games that have a story, but the story isn't always needed to get the full experience of the game, but if there endless mode already provide an endless array of ways to be enjoyed then how could it have an end?

How could it be?

Well some of the most famous endless game play games are like Minecraft, Terraria, and T.a.b.s. are some of the most recognizable games out there, but what makes them less and less enjoyable over time? Well it mostly comes to laziness or dedication of a person like how much do you want to build that awesome idea that you have in your mind into the game? Well according to the amount of people who complain about that they don't have enough dedication to finish a project it seems to be low, but why is it that we are lazy even when it comes to fun? Is it even because we are lazy?


It may not come as a surprise to you, but when a person is meant to do effort to reach a far goal, and the effort is completely reliant on you creativity it becomes a little difficult for a person to continue, especially if the the option of not doing it is literally right in-front of them. but there are advantages to that in our world such as mod builders, skin makers, and texture pack artists! They are good at there work because not everyone is willing to do it them selves. So when someone does something that looks good in a lazy community it becomes famous. It also comes to no-ones surprise that skins are easy to make, and that's why it's harder to make a skin stand out of the others... [also how many times have I typed the word "But" in my blog?] anyway thanks for reading my blog, here is your reward: a good looking gif i found online;

I'll take it!

Also this blog was made by: Nitgo, but not the art tho. That would have been too cool.
CreditMy laziness...

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04/01/2020 12:25 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Well, a game can't go on forever it has to end at some point. What endless games do, is they just make the game very long and hard so it feels like the game has no end. I have been playing games on https://casinosapproved.info/fr/ and really liked them as I can earn some money while playing it and it also helps me relax in my free time.
06/20/2019 10:01 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Scribe
Interesting read, though I'd like to counter your point of "laziness" by way of when you have everything, you don't want to do anything. This is called the Overwhelm Phenomena (there's another term I can't think of right now. Had it, lost it, will come back).

Give a person a topic and they will have millions of ideas, give them all the topics and they will have no idea.

Option Paralysis, that's it.

Most people, myself included, become numb to the thought of having the ability to make whatever we want. Though on the other side of the coin, you have an idea yet so many ways to interpret it.
06/20/2019 12:48 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
Interesting take on why the enjoyment seems to fade for many players…

I would have laid much of the effect to the species being wired to habituate (ie the first time one does something makes more of an impression, with each repetition declining in effect eg the first ride on a particular roller-coaster is the most thrilling).

I'd also lay a goodly portion of the blame for players losing interest with sandbox games [ie traditional MC] with the decline in creative play during the formative years. (A lesser comtributor is more teaching-to-the-test and less exploratory learning.) In both cases the individual is deprived of the training to used to (and good at) attaining self-directed goals.

The point about the difficulty in standing out in a crowded field is well made: because skins are [comparatively] fast and easy this tends to be the entry point for beginners.
That beginners have (by definition and on average) less developed skills and that many may not progress to the more technically demanding projects (eg redstone design, maps, mods) this particular field becomes very densly populated. [Sturgeon's Revelation (commonly minced to "ninety percent of everything is crap") also plays a role.]
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