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Doki Doki Literature Club: The Smartest Horror Game I've Ever Played (I'm Not Kidding) - An AnimeFan Brainstorm

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Hello everyone, AnimeFanFTW here, and can you believe it has been over 10 months since the last time I posted content on this site? Yeah, I know.

No, I am not dead. I was just simply lazy. I've been meaning to post more stuff, but life sorta got in the way. And I apologise for that. So hopefully you can forgive me, by me talking about a game that is in serious contention for being my Game of the Year: a little Visual Novel, called "Doki Doki Literature Club".
Doki Doki Literature Club: The Smartest Horror Game I've Ever Played (I'm Not Kidding) - An AnimeFan Brainstorm

Now I know what you're thinking. "But AnimeFan, this just looks like a generic weeb visual novel. How can it be any good?". Well, on the surface, it does look like that. But once you delve into this game, it will take you for a ride, and is one of the smartest games I've ever seen. Not to mention, it's one of the creepiest games I've played. And in this blog, I hope to convince as many people as possible to play it. So let's start.

Despite my name on PMC, and despite watching over 100's of anime, I've never really gotten into visual novels. With the exception of Katawa Shoujo (which is free (just like DDLC), and should be played because it's really good), I've never finished a visual novel. I can't really explain it. I like reading, but I can't hold my attention when reading a visual novel. Probably because alot of them are almost identical: It's either just a story about a group of school friends doing stuff, or they're 18+ stories. Which is why when many of my friends told me to play this VN, called Doki Doki Literature Club, at first, I fully expected this game to be boring and generic. And for the first 1-2 hours, it kinda was...and then the horror happened, and this little VN has become one of my favourite games. To explain what happens and why this VN is brilliant, I'll talk about the story in 3 sections; 1 for each act. So here we go.

Act 1: The Generic Phase.
Doki Doki Literature Club: The Smartest Horror Game I've Ever Played (I'm Not Kidding) - An AnimeFan Brainstorm
The first act is what you would expect from any visual novel released: you're a character that goes to highschool, meet a bunch of girls, and you try to date one of them. There is 4 main characters. Sayori is the red-headed girl who is very cheerful and is your childhood friend, Natsuki is the pink haired girl who is basically a tsundere, Yuri is the purple-haired girl who is very shy and quiet, and likes reading horror novels, and Monika is the girl with the white hairbow, who is the president of the club and is seen as a "perfect" student. Depending on your decisions, you'll be put into a route with either Sayori, Yuri or Natsuki (Monika doesn't have a "route"). After every day, you'll be put into a "poem" minigame, where you are given 20 lists of words to make a poem, and depending on the words you choose, will impress one of the 3 girls depending on the word. The route I got was with Yuri, so I'll be talking about what I experienced with my route.

After about 2-3 in-game days of general stuff happening, your character and Sayori meet up at her house, and she reveals that she suffers from depression. While the scene is sad and emotional, it was the first real sign of things to come. After that, my character and Yuri spent some time together, and before the two parted ways, Sayori spotted us. She reveals that she is in love with your character, and thinks that you and Yuri are dating. She starts crying, and after some dialogue, are given a choice to either say you love her, or you're her dearest friend. The choice I picked was dearest friend (which I instantly regretted). She starts screaming, then runs off. The next day at school, you find out Sayori is not at school. After going to her house to see if she is alright, you find out she is dead.

This is the point the game gets spooky. As soon as the scene shows Sayori, the scene gets distorted, glitches out, then shows a videogame error script, breaking the fourth wall. The main character freaks out, and shows the word "END", to signify the bad ending. You are then greeted back to the main menu, except it doesn't look right...

Doki Doki Literature Club: The Smartest Horror Game I've Ever Played (I'm Not Kidding) - An AnimeFan Brainstorm

The first act ends here. Now despite the fact this act is generic and kinda boring before the twist at the end, I get the feeling it was intentional. After reading these characters act cutesy and bubbly, I never expected the game to take a dark turn suddenly, which made the sudden twist all the more jarring. Add the fact the game chucks a error script gives us a small taste on how this game will shatter the fourth wall in dramatic ways. Now, let's dive into the deep end.

Act 2: The Spooky Phase

After Act 1, and seeing the twist at the end of that route, most people would want to start again, especially after seeing what the main menu looks like. However, you can't load a save file as it's "corrupted". So you start a new game. Immediately, something is wrong. The text for the next couple lines are just gibberish, a bunch of random letters and symbols. Then when it reaches the part where Sayori is supposed to appear, the game completely glitches out, both visually and audibly, and then the scene resets, completely removing Sayori from the story for the rest of the act, as if she never existed. The entire story changes to take into account Sayori no longer exists.

It should be noted at this point that the game files will add and delete files randomly at this point, so when playing Act 2, it's a good idea to look in the game files every so often. Unfortunately, I didn't know when I was playing at the time, so I missed most of what appeared. To summarise, a bunch of text files with poems and some creepy pictures were added. Here is one of the pictures as an example:

The game at this point plays very similarly. Except that there is quite a number of changes. For one, Act 2 FORCES you to take the Yuri route. No matter what you do, you are forced to take the Yuri route. The reason why, I'll explain soon. Secondly, the game will glitch out visually and audibly. Some of the glitches are scripted, and others are completely random, some even rare. Characters that appear in scenes will show a quick visual and audio glitch, then go back to normal in a instant. Dialogue will change to make characters say mean and terrible things, then continue the scene as if nothing happened. Scenes will slowly zoom in, or apply a very noticeable and creepy visual effect, music tracks will slow down, speed up, or even play backwards. This game gets chaotic when it wants to. In terms of the visual design and audio design, it's fantastic. It never resorts to jumpscares (except near the end of the game, if you're streaming the game online...but beside that, no jumpscares) and the effects are perfectly implemented, where the game gets very uncomfortable and uneasy when the effects are used. And because some of the effects are random, you are constantly on edge, waiting for the next time the game will try to spook you. And lastly, after every day, it will give you a choice to view a cryptic poem, which will explain a little bit of the lore. Other then that, the game continues as normal, albeit being disturbing and creepy.

Now as to the reason why Act 2 forces you to go through the Yuri route, is because throughout the Act 2 story, Yuri gets more and more weird and crazy. And after about 2 in-game days later, it gets insane. When the characters try to organise what to do in the festival and a couple of glitchy stuff, Yuri gets both Natsuki and Monika out of the room. She then confesses her love for you, and says some pretty uncomfortable things. She then asks if you accept her confession. The decision does not matter. When you pick yes or no, she starts laughing, and she dies, in a very confronting scene. It then shows a scene of Yuri, and 1440 lines of text filled with gibberish. Yeah, 1440. Natuski enters then room, sees Yuri, then runs away. Monika does the same, except she laughs and breaks the fourth wall. Then she enters the game code, and deletes both Natsuki and Yuri from the game. You are then entered into a room, seemingly in space, with Monika sitting in front of you.

She explains that she controlled everything, and tried to make the characters as unlikable as possible, so that you could notice and love her. And now Monika thinks she will spend the rest of time with you. At this point, closing and reopening the game will just bring you back to Monika. She will at this point talk about random topics, like the characters in the game, life in general, even Super Smash Bros at one point. One of the points include her pointing out where she is in the gamefiles. At this point, the next step is to go into the character game files, and deleting "monika.chr.". Reopening the game changes the scene, this time, with it glitching all over the place. Monika's voice, still remaining I guess, angrily tells you why would you delete her. But after a bit, she understands why you would do something like that, and says she will restore the game. You are then brought back to the menu, with everything being normal, except for the fact that Monika is completely missing.

Act 3: The Finale Phase

The final act, Act 3, is extremely small compared to Act 1 and 2, but spooky stuff still happens. The game once again, starts from the beginning. However, no glitches happen, Sayori, Yuri and Natsuki are back and Monika is nowhere to be seen. After going to the literature club to apply, something instantly goes wrong. Sayori is now going crazy and confesses her love. Monika then returns out of nowhere and stops it from going further and says that it might be time to stop all of this. Some music plays, a poem is read, the credits shows, and a note from Monika saying she's deleted everything is shown, ending the story.

What a rollercoaster.

Conclusions And Other Stuff This Game Hides

My description of the game does not do it justice. Never have I seen a game like this produce some of the creepiest and smartest horror I've ever seen. Probably the best part is the mysteries it leaves. Why is Monika able to control what happens in this game? Why does a secret ending appear if you delete "monika.chr." before starting the game?

To be honest, I have not explored everything in this game. I haven't done a second playthrough (yet...), and I haven't seen the Good Ending yet. And I haven't fully researched what this game has to offer. Heck, I haven't even seen all the spooky stuff this game can throw at you. Even so, this is one of the few horror games that I've played that kept me up at night. I went into it expecting a boring, generic VN. What I got instead was nightmare fuel. Its use of visual effects is fantastic, always catching me off guard. The audio design is flawless, perfectly shifting depending on the scene. The writing was great, putting me into a false sense of security at the beginning before going insane. Heck, even the characters are likeable (Sayori is precious, and is a treasure that should be protected).

EDIT (12/12/17): While not enough to really fully give an update note for this blog, I thought I would drop this bit of info. Doki Doki is so successful and well known, that it has offically reached over 1 million downloads. Which is insane. Huge congrats to Dan Salvato and his dev team.

Overall, Neir Automata has some serious competition to being my Game of the Year for 2017. If you haven't played this game yet and you're reading this, I feel sorry that you had to spoil yourself, but still, play this game now. I would even recommend this to people that hate and despise anime. The person who made this, Dan Salvato (who, true fact, is a (semi-retired) professional Super Smash Bros Melee player, known to be a very good Link player. Not even joking) said he made this game because of his love-hate relationship with anime. And I can see why. This game takes cliches and tropes that anime is infamous for having, and completely destroys it. And I love it.

There is still much for me to discover with this game, so excuse me while I continue playing this fantastic piece of art.

If you want to research this game (after playing it of course), here's a document that people from Reddit have made, going into much details and secrets about the game: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c3gS8Te3gbWgQ5sdGxvcfURkUAhkDXQxASyAPlirmlo/edit

And with that, I take my leave.

Until the next 10 months lol...

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J͕̰̥͔̠̋̀̌͛̉͡u̼ͣs̓̅t̸̜͖ͭ̓̑̓ ͖ͥ̂͠M͙͔̹̘̻͓ͫ͛o̷n͠į̒k̟ͦ͌ͥͭ̂a̞ͪͥͭ J͓̞̥u͊͒҉͍̦̩̬̪̠̤s͖̲͔̺͈̞̓ṱ̡̥̗̤̼ͨͫ ̯̙ͧͧ͂̓̑͆̎M̬̱̩̦̟̐̂͗ͭ͆ͬo̴͈̰͇̞̠͊̏̉̈́nͭ̄̋͋̔̍̂i̜̎ͬ̄̇͆͜k̘̼̜̝͚͉̐̄ͅa͂̋͛ͬ J̗͍͈̠̙̉͑̋̉ͅu̺̜͍͜s̴̟̪̫̹͊ͧͪt̀̇̃̔̌̈̂҉̻̠̤̞͚̦ ̾̂҉͔̻Ṁ̠̹͓̣̤̣̌̾ͧo̐͗̈̈̍͐n̢̹̱̣̭̤̍́ͨͫ̏i͖͉̳̣̠͌̑̀̚k̪̎̎͘ä̛̓ͣ̽̓̽ J͕̰̥͔̠̋̀̌͛̉͡u̼ͣs̓̅t̸̜͖ͭ̓̑̓ ͖ͥ̂͠M͙͔̹̘̻͓ͫ͛o̷n͠į̒k̟ͦ͌ͥͭ̂a̞ͪͥͭ J͓̞̥u͊͒҉͍̦̩̬̪̠̤s͖̲͔̺͈̞̓ṱ̡̥̗̤̼ͨͫ ̯̙ͧͧ͂̓̑͆̎M̬̱̩̦̟̐̂͗ͭ͆ͬo̴͈̰͇̞̠͊̏̉̈́nͭ̄̋͋̔̍̂i̜̎ͬ̄̇͆͜k̘̼̜̝͚͉̐̄ͅa͂̋͛ͬ J̗͍͈̠̙̉͑̋̉ͅu̺̜͍͜s̴̟̪̫̹͊ͧͪt̀̇̃̔̌̈̂҉̻̠̤̞͚̦ ̾̂҉͔̻Ṁ̠̹͓̣̤̣̌̾ͧo̐͗̈̈̍͐n̢̹̱̣̭̤̍́ͨͫ̏i͖͉̳̣̠͌̑̀̚k̪̎̎͘ä̛̓ͣ̽̓̽

J̧̱̮͎̫̃ͬͪ̑͢u̲͈͚̜̩̜̥ͤ̿̿̂͘͡s͈̪̠ͧ̒̋t̨̯̖̟̖̳̙͍̻͛̕ ̸̖̗̲̮͔̥͈̺̥͌̏̂ͯ̉M͓̘͚̯̅ͮͣ̎ͨ͑ͬ̊͝͡͠ͅo̢ͧ̏ͯͫ͋̃̽͏̳͚̭̯̜͎n̷̵̜̮̦̞̦̱͑͆̿ͣ̋̆ͦ̊i̺͖̰̞͓̣̊ͦ͗̏͡k̷̶͈̫̬̆͑ͤͨͩͥ̋̉̕ă̭͖̞̳̟͍ͮ͂͜ J̡̡̭̗̜͎͉͍̹̠́̾̂̐́͟u̢̜ͩ̋ͣ̍͞s̸͍͊͊̃̑̔͢t̖̭͑͌͌ ̳̥̪̱̙̹̲̟̩͗ͫ͌́̎ͪ̈́͋̚͜M̨͈ͣ̍̆̋̈ͤô͚̱̱̜̯̭̅͋n̺̦͍̜̻͉̣͇̐͢ǐ̢̗̳̫̬͒͗kͭͫ̈̾҉̯̳̣ả̤̺ͯ͋͗̃ͮ̒̎̉͢ Jͨ̇̊͏̩͕̹̯̙̱̖͠ù̬̩ͤͫ̓̄͊ͣṣ̴͎̹̼̬̔ͨ̈ͫ͆͢ͅt͆ͦͯ̍ͤ̊̚͏̷̻̬͙̝ ̷̰̜̱ͧͩͬM̡̹͈̖̼̗̞̖ͪ̔̎ͩͩ͟ͅo̸̩̖̘͙͙̤̬̓̂ͪ̀̔̿n̪̗̲ͧ͗ͤͭͬ͂ͫi̸̗͔͕̱ͧ̔͛͌k̢̬̜̭̎͊̏͗͂̊̈͠a̗̐̕̕͞ J̧̱̮͎̫̃ͬͪ̑͢u̲͈͚̜̩̜̥ͤ̿̿̂͘͡s͈̪̠ͧ̒̋t̨̯̖̟̖̳̙͍̻͛̕ ̸̖̗̲̮͔̥͈̺̥͌̏̂ͯ̉M͓̘͚̯̅ͮͣ̎ͨ͑ͬ̊͝͡͠ͅo̢ͧ̏ͯͫ͋̃̽͏̳͚̭̯̜͎n̷̵̜̮̦̞̦̱͑͆̿ͣ̋̆ͦ̊i̺͖̰̞͓̣̊ͦ͗̏͡k̷̶͈̫̬̆͑ͤͨͩͥ̋̉̕ă̭͖̞̳̟͍ͮ͂͜ J̡̡̭̗̜͎͉͍̹̠́̾̂̐́͟u̢̜ͩ̋ͣ̍͞s̸͍͊͊̃̑̔͢t̖̭͑͌͌ ̳̥̪̱̙̹̲̟̩͗ͫ͌́̎ͪ̈́͋̚͜M̨͈ͣ̍̆̋̈ͤô͚̱̱̜̯̭̅͋n̺̦͍̜̻͉̣͇̐͢ǐ̢̗̳̫̬͒͗kͭͫ̈̾҉̯̳̣ả̤̺ͯ͋͗̃ͮ̒̎̉͢ Jͨ̇̊͏̩͕̹̯̙̱̖͠ù̬̩ͤͫ̓̄͊ͣṣ̴͎̹̼̬̔ͨ̈ͫ͆͢ͅt͆ͦͯ̍ͤ̊̚͏̷̻̬͙̝ ̷̰̜̱ͧͩͬM̡̹͈̖̼̗̞̖ͪ̔̎ͩͩ͟ͅo̸̩̖̘͙͙̤̬̓̂ͪ̀̔̿n̪̗̲ͧ͗ͤͭͬ͂ͫi̸̗͔͕̱ͧ̔͛͌k̢̬̜̭̎͊̏͗͂̊̈͠a̗̐̕̕͞

J̷̸̡̬̭͍̩̥͕̗̹̮̆ͮ͒̐̐̇̈́͌̎̆̈̏̾̇͂̇̈̉̀͝ů̟̳̪͈̮͍̳̩̗̬͇̝̺̝̞͊̾͝͡͝͝ͅs̵̢̻̜̠̬̜̗̮̓̾̅̑̾̔ͮ͘t̵̸̜̭͉̼̳̝͔̜̗̥̤̫̠̱͈̭͍͉͎ͭ͊ͭͬ̑̿͆̍̔̽ͪ͆̋̍̊͘͞ ̶̒̾͂͂̽͒̽ͦ̈̒ͭ́͏̜̝͉͕͎̕͟M̡̟̠͖̙̋͑ͣ͐ͩ͂̉̐̇͡͝͞ͅo͖̙̭̰͉̮͎̟̩̝͕̮̣̗͔͎͐͛ͪ̎̿̿ͨ̏̾͆ͧ̈́̈́̏͂ͪ́̀̚̕ͅn̛̳͕̳̱̞̬͂̇ͮͫͨ̏ͬͣ͘͢i̔̒̾ͤ̓̔̓̊̐̀̎ͪ̌ͪ͏̸̞̖̠̼͖͕̮͇͉̻̥̭̲͎͈̞k̵̻̞̻̭͉̳̼͇̫͔̱͇̙͚͉̤͙ͣ͒̌̓̀͢͝a̵͍͓̭̲̻̗͕̤̝̱̬͍̾ͣ̆̽͊̆̽ͥ̿̀ͭ̕͝͡ͅ J̴̸̧̩̙̪̳̜̻̜̳̲̘̩̭̖̥̥͇̖̃͒͑̇̅̈̅ͬͤ̉ͪ̂ͮ̍̅̂̊͞u̫̗͉̦͓̜̞̻̬̱̼̗̓̃̾͂̑̓́͜s̷̼̠̜͕͚̪̬͎͙̠͙̥̬̖͈̘̹̔̉ͯͤ̒̿̊̔̎̄̋͆̄ͮ̔ͪ̀̚͢͜͡ͅͅt̡̛̤̝̦͉͉͖ͨ͋͛ͣ̍ͫ̐͝ ͈̺̦̟ͮ̀̎̅̀̕͞M̸̴̸̧̝̯̱̼̩̹͍̜̬͈͕̬̼̬̓͊̈̉͌ͨ͐̊̋͞ͅơ̠̼̘͓͈̣͚̥̖̠̩̟̝ͥ̌̍͊̎̔ͧͯ̍ͧ̃̓̈ͫ̀͝n͔̯͖̯͕̼̗̥̘̱̳ͬ̓ͥ̔̂̿ͩ̓̊̈́ͧͭ̿̓ͮͯ̚͠i̴̸͚̮̯͕̠̥͎̩̖̳͖̩̘̥ͩͤͦ̂̎̅̿̂͑̿̀͌͒̃̈́̊́kͨͥ̇̇͊̄͛̅̌ͨ̎͗̎̀͏̴̴̤͈͍͖̭͉̹͚̩͍̼͘͢a̔̋ͤ͑҉̦͎̱̲̪̭̲͔̩͈̘̭͙̦ͅ J̷̵̤̞͙͎͖̙̙̗͈̺̖̺̈ͨ̌͊̈ͬͪ͛̒̉ͭ͋̃̍̒ͤͪͯ͘ū̓͐͌͌̆ͮ͆̊͋̒̌ͩ̾ͣ̑҉̨̭͖̟͙̬͚̺͈̥̺̠̣͉͟͢͟ͅsͨ̃͛̈ͭͦͤ͆ͬ̀̅̀ͨͦ̏́̉͌ͬ͏̡͏̴̖͉͎̦̺̥̠̗̬͚͙̦̖̗͇̫͚̦̻͟t̨̰͉͎̜͈͇̦͕̰̬̻͗͗̎̎́͟ ̡̲̪̯͍͓͙͈͙͊ͤͣ̎̉ͪͥͪ̀̚M̵̞̮̪̬̜̘̫̯̆̃ͪ̎̍ͦ̆͝͠͠ͅͅo̊ͨͪ͑͆ͮ̉̐̓̊̎͌ͥ͏̷̛̯̬͎̲̱̭͘ņ̛̖̫̦͎̝͚̩̳͙ͣ͛̒ͥ̄̀̀ͭ̇͘͟͠i̡̯͙͖͍̦͕̳̹̩͙̝̖̪̪̝̫͖̓ͦ͆͆ͪ̇̓ͮ̂̑̎̄ͬͬ̀̈́͊́̚͘͞ͅk̶̶̡͉̜̪͓͒̒̉̽ͤ̆̌ͣͫͪ̊͛́̕ã̵̛͉̱̤̹͒̌ͯ̑ͬ̉͡ͅ J̷̸̡̬̭͍̩̥͕̗̹̮̆ͮ͒̐̐̇̈́͌̎̆̈̏̾̇͂̇̈̉̀͝ů̟̳̪͈̮͍̳̩̗̬͇̝̺̝̞͊̾͝͡͝͝ͅs̵̢̻̜̠̬̜̗̮̓̾̅̑̾̔ͮ͘t̵̸̜̭͉̼̳̝͔̜̗̥̤̫̠̱͈̭͍͉͎ͭ͊ͭͬ̑̿͆̍̔̽ͪ͆̋̍̊͘͞ ̶̒̾͂͂̽͒̽ͦ̈̒ͭ́͏̜̝͉͕͎̕͟M̡̟̠͖̙̋͑ͣ͐ͩ͂̉̐̇͡͝͞ͅo͖̙̭̰͉̮͎̟̩̝͕̮̣̗͔͎͐͛ͪ̎̿̿ͨ̏̾͆ͧ̈́̈́̏͂ͪ́̀̚̕ͅn̛̳͕̳̱̞̬͂̇ͮͫͨ̏ͬͣ͘͢i̔̒̾ͤ̓̔̓̊̐̀̎ͪ̌ͪ͏̸̞̖̠̼͖͕̮͇͉̻̥̭̲͎͈̞k̵̻̞̻̭͉̳̼͇̫͔̱͇̙͚͉̤͙ͣ͒̌̓̀͢͝a̵͍͓̭̲̻̗͕̤̝̱̬͍̾ͣ̆̽͊̆̽ͥ̿̀ͭ̕͝͡ͅ J̴̸̧̩̙̪̳̜̻̜̳̲̘̩̭̖̥̥͇̖̃͒͑̇̅̈̅ͬͤ̉ͪ̂ͮ̍̅̂̊͞u̫̗͉̦͓̜̞̻̬̱̼̗̓̃̾͂̑̓́͜s̷̼̠̜͕͚̪̬͎͙̠͙̥̬̖͈̘̹̔̉ͯͤ̒̿̊̔̎̄̋͆̄ͮ̔ͪ̀̚͢͜͡ͅͅt̡̛̤̝̦͉͉͖ͨ͋͛ͣ̍ͫ̐͝ ͈̺̦̟ͮ̀̎̅̀̕͞M̸̴̸̧̝̯̱̼̩̹͍̜̬͈͕̬̼̬̓͊̈̉͌ͨ͐̊̋͞ͅơ̠̼̘͓͈̣͚̥̖̠̩̟̝ͥ̌̍͊̎̔ͧͯ̍ͧ̃̓̈ͫ̀͝n͔̯͖̯͕̼̗̥̘̱̳ͬ̓ͥ̔̂̿ͩ̓̊̈́ͧͭ̿̓ͮͯ̚͠i̴̸͚̮̯͕̠̥͎̩̖̳͖̩̘̥ͩͤͦ̂̎̅̿̂͑̿̀͌͒̃̈́̊́kͨͥ̇̇͊̄͛̅̌ͨ̎͗̎̀͏̴̴̤͈͍͖̭͉̹͚̩͍̼͘͢a̔̋ͤ͑҉̦͎̱̲̪̭̲͔̩͈̘̭͙̦ͅ J̷̵̤̞͙͎͖̙̙̗͈̺̖̺̈ͨ̌͊̈ͬͪ͛̒̉ͭ͋̃̍̒ͤͪͯ͘ū̓͐͌͌̆ͮ͆̊͋̒̌ͩ̾ͣ̑҉̨̭͖̟͙̬͚̺͈̥̺̠̣͉͟͢͟ͅsͨ̃͛̈ͭͦͤ͆ͬ̀̅̀ͨͦ̏́̉͌ͬ͏̡͏̴̖͉͎̦̺̥̠̗̬͚͙̦̖̗͇̫͚̦̻͟t̨̰͉͎̜͈͇̦͕̰̬̻͗͗̎̎́͟ ̡̲̪̯͍͓͙͈͙͊ͤͣ̎̉ͪͥͪ̀̚M̵̞̮̪̬̜̘̫̯̆̃ͪ̎̍ͦ̆͝͠͠ͅͅo̊ͨͪ͑͆ͮ̉̐̓̊̎͌ͥ͏̷̛̯̬͎̲̱̭͘ņ̛̖̫̦͎̝͚̩̳͙ͣ͛̒ͥ̄̀̀ͭ̇͘͟͠i̡̯͙͖͍̦͕̳̹̩͙̝̖̪̪̝̫͖̓ͦ͆͆ͪ̇̓ͮ̂̑̎̄ͬͬ̀̈́͊́̚͘͞ͅk̶̶̡͉̜̪͓͒̒̉̽ͤ̆̌ͣͫͪ̊͛́̕ã̵̛͉̱̤̹͒̌ͯ̑ͬ̉͡ͅ

lol always wanted to use Zalgo text in a blog

CreditFoxy, for playing the game on Skype while I watched, and produced many laughs.

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11/24/2021 7:44 pm
Level 42 : Master Skinner
R-Dev avatar
This game gave me nightmares back then.
05/25/2020 9:59 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Lemon
jellyfishh avatar
That sounds creepy and so scary oh god this will give me nightmares
07/17/2021 10:10 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Explorer
R3START avatar
It does... ITS SO WORTH IT!!!
04/17/2020 10:13 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Explorer
TriniTDM avatar
Um, actually the "Just Monika" spaceroom sequence is not part of Act 2. It's Act 3, and the part after you delete her is Act 4. Also, you should listen to her for a while.
12/14/2019 12:17 pm
Level 26 : Expert Artist
KittyCat12346 avatar
honestly, this game scared me more than any other game i have ever played. i love it.
06/09/2018 3:53 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Explorer
Dawniest avatar
10/01/2021 12:04 am
Level 27 : Expert Pokemon
TheCyborg avatar
ANd OnlY MonIKa
04/07/2018 6:42 pm
Level 29 : Expert Geek
Cardinal System
Cardinal System avatar
I like to call this game "Get a weeks worth of depression in one night," but it's still good.
04/07/2018 8:00 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Senpai
AnimeFanFTW avatar
01/28/2018 3:31 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Network
rainbooq avatar
this blog lacks my daily dose of buffsuki
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