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Don't Push It! (A Real Life and Very Important Tip)

Dont Push it!!!

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avatar Anxi
Level 30 : Artisan Artist
Hey Guys! I'm here to give you a tip, a real life tip. This tip will help you to avoid collapsing!

Don't Push your Energy to the max. level! What the heck do you mean!?

For example. A car, you drive the car fast and you hit the break instantly!!

How to Avoid it?
When you Push your energy too much. Don't sit or sleep, just walk around and slowly stop walking then sit. If you sit or sleep in 1 minute, and feeling dizzy try to Inhale and hold your breath a bit, and fight the dizziness you feel.

Your blood is gonna be high and if you sit, it will just go down INSTANTLY! Your blood will be temporarily low.

What will you feel when you push it and sit down?
You may feel dizzy and your hands will be smooth on your feelings. You feel like your energy is drained... or collapse

Don't Believe me? Try it, and it happened to me and I almost collapse! Punch many times quickly, when you are exhausted push it! if you are too lazy to do stuff, ask a doctor or some medicalman or WHAT EVER YOU CALL IT... xD

Diamond and Subscribe if this helped you or warned you!! :D


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