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Dont worry im just trying something

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avatar Pokezilla101
Level 54 : Grandmaster Unicorn
Ok! so we all know about the red dragon, or at least most of us. And we all know that 1.9 is centered around the end, could red dragon be coming back? I am just going to try very stuipid ways to make this work!
Rundown on the Red dragon
The red dragon is a minecraft originally planned for the reward at the end of the game. When they originally made the end they included the boss we all love and hate today, The ender dragon. In the original update many updates ago they introduced this boss and the new place called The end. When they released it they had a set date, so when they originally planned to put in the red dragon, they didn't have enough time. That is why when you defeat the Ender dragon you get a dragon egg. This dragon egg was originally going to be the egg of the red dragon that you would hatch in the overworld. And you could befriend and rise this dragon through the skies of minecraft. But since they didn't have enough time for the red dragon they sortof shelved it, which means they are just going to work on it later.
What im going to try and do
Since this is the end update and sortof updating everything including the end, and putting our battle skills to the test. I am going to test and see if the red dragon might finally come back to the light. I am going to try using torches, Fire, and lava. While I do this I will make sure I am in the same plain biome, same time of day, same type of weather, and no ender dragons in the area.

Test 1
Did not work
Did not work
did not work
test 2
Did not work
Did not work
did not work

This test was a complete failure I pain to say. But in future releases it might happen where we are able to ride our red dragon without any mods required. My idea was not supported, but in future releases it might be.

What made me do this silly experiment?
Most of the servers I go on at the moment are down or not updated at the moment. And also one of the creators of minecraft said something secret would be added, the differences I noticed were new sounds for lava and for doors. So that possibly could be it is that there are new sounds for a lot of things in the game.

That's all I have to report for today! give me ideas and stuff to write about :3 don't be shy!

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