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Do's and don'ts : A guide for starting server : Host and Type

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avatar Legend_the_first
Level 33 : Artisan Geek
This tutorial will not give you technical help and stuffafeacccfabdefajpg
If you want to make a good , server , you first need a good host .
When looking for a host :
*Check reviews on internet before choosing one .
*Get a host that sells per RAM*1
*Find a host who's servers are on your continent ( if you live in America , find an American host )
*Rent a server from a host because someone said it's good.
*Rent a server from a host that is pricing per slot .
Finding a good host is a main thing beacause whole server is bassed of it .
You can search for good hosts here
Also , if you have alot of money , you can ren't a server machine and you can make many servers on it .

So after you have your server , you need to decide what server you want .

Here are some server types :
*Vanilla server
If you plan to make a full vanilla without any plugins i would recommend a whitelist ( unless you want griefing )
*Survival bukkit server - survival server with plugins , usually lockette , /home , /spawn , shop and stuff like that
*Creative server - Creative server with plots and stuff
*Tekkit vanilla - Just plain tekkit mod without any mods removed or plugins , often whitelisted
*Tekkit bukkit - tekkit server for masses , no whitelist but has banned items
Some cool server types i came up with / found on internet
*Minigames server - minigames like spleef and that
*Tekkit Magicians vs scientists- Both sides they have their items and banned items

After these simple steps , you need to get some plugins that you can find on bukkit site .
Have fun

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02/17/2015 10:12 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Factions is fun

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