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Downpour - A story challenge with Ohana_girl08

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People must not look outside at night between 3:00 and 6:00 'o clock. Children are often in windowless rooms and adults often wear blindfolds during sleep to avoid incident.

okay so yeah

My sister Ohana and I are doing a writing competition (so please diamond and favorite ;u;) where we took a writing prompt off the endless vast of internet and had to make a story. What you read above was the prompt. Here's what I made:

In my town, Nobody is supposed to look outside between three and six, let alone be out at this time. I was driving home from my internship in a downpour, and traffic was horrible. After a good amount of driving, I finally rolled up into my driveway. I checked my watch and saw that is was two forty-seven, I interned the night shift, and I rushed inside. I live all alone, unless you count my Siberian Husky, Cayde. He was always happy to see me, and I him, so he greeted me with a wet, sloppy kiss on my face. I took off my shoes, hung up my jacket, and walked through my windowless house to the shower.
After my shower, I settled into bed at three 'o five, but my bedside clock is always a bit ahead. I heard the soft whisper of the rain hitting the roof. I dozed off into a deep slumber, but was rudely awakened by the noise of glass breaking. Having no windows in my house, I immediately knew it was my car window. I checked the clock. six 'o nine, it read. It was safe to go out and see who had broken into my car. I put on some warmer clothes and went outside. I looked around my car, but no windows had even a chip. It was still raining, so now I was chilled to the bone and I started to walk inside when it caught my attention. A shadowy figure with some kind of red light in his hand. He called out to me, but I couldn't hear him over the drumming of the rain.
"What?" I yell. He responds by waving the light. He started to jog slowly towards me, and then I heard what he had been saying
"You shouldn't be out here!" He yelled. I checked my watch. I was sure it was past six. The watch read five forty-five. I had forgot that my clock was fast. The man turns his jog into a sprint, and I dash for my front door. I twist the knob. It doesn't budge. I had forgotten my key!
"There's one under the mat," I thought, but there wasn't enough time. The man was running up my driveway, and I made a mad leap over a shrub and ran. The man chased after me, yelling in a language I didn't understand. I suddenly tripped and fell on the ground. I tried to get up, but my run had turned into a dizzy stumble. I feel the man grab me. I look to my left and I see the machine with the red button. It was only about the size of an average smartphone, but he held it to my head, and the size didn't make it any less intimidating.
"No one can know of our work," he says. "You've damned yourself." And with that, he pressed the button. Everything went black, but in what seemed like seconds, I was awoken to that same noise. Glass breaking. I had only one question: Should I stay inside, in the comfort of my home? Or see what was going on.

CreditWever did the prompt thingy I dont know

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