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The Day Minecraft Stood Still (TEMPLE SAGA) part 1

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avatar goku01
Level 44 : Master Warrior
Lava starts flowing in the chamber we then we see it's like a parkour! So we let monsterjohn at it, so he makes the first like it's nothing! so the second one not as good.... he jumps and falls in to the lava! but he had a bucket of water and used it for a platform! He is stuck there until we get him so, we make a crafting table and make ladders to help him get out so we get him out and we start over again only the lava wen through the obsidian "I wish this all made sense" kakarot798 says. So kakarot798 says "Let me have a try at this!" monsterjohn looks at kakarot798 like if i can't, you can't.So he makes the first jump, then the second.. monsterjohn looks at him like what the!!! deathlugi says "He's a parkour master!" kakarot798 says to him back "that's right and you know it!" He makes the third and hits a pressure plate making arrows fly all over the chamber!!!!! he makes the jump to the platform to the next chamber door! To be continued.....

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