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Drawing 100+ GPG Contestants (season 11)

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avatar maggotface
Level 26 : Expert Procrastinator
hey after like a week of procrastination the S11 cast is done! Campsite Clash was my first season so I will be forever biased.

I’m starting off with the smaller casts and working my way up to the massive casts of Season 7 and 10 with just over 20 contestants each. This season has the best production value, they even added in confessionals, but I think the confessionals may have been a take on the fact the setting is a camp and Total Drama Island’s original setting is a campsite. Even then, I would still really like to see confessionals for season 12, if there is one.

This cast didn’t actually take a week to draw, I just spent like 99% of my week doing absolutely nothing. In fact, the cast took about half an hour all together. I’ve drawn a bit of the people on this season before since a few of them are quite well known in the Minecraft Gameshow Community (Chris, Chrisanthemum, Happy, Stig, Sting, Aura)

P.S: the two Chris’s isn’t a mistake, there actually was two people called Chris this season.

Season 11 (Campsite Clash)

The show: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvlFZUol8YoOljIiaTRmJVadQ3_eHJYzt
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