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Drawing 100+ GPG Contestants (season 3)

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avatar maggotface
Level 26 : Expert Procrastinator
Uhhhhh, remember when I said I was gonna post this either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? Wellllll, I lied, my brain feels like doodling today I guess! But anyway, I did the 12 S3 contestants from J The Salty Cracker to Hunter Cat. Yeah, I did a second design for Hunter in season 3, so I will definitely end up doing more than 104 drawings. I wanna do multiple designs for every person in season 9, Toad, Lolzy, everyone in season 6 and Brady, probably a few others I forgot too. Toad will end up having 4 designs, believe it or not, he had a different outfit for his skin every season he was in 0.0. Lolzy had two skins, I’ve already done a season 2 design but for season 7 I’ll probably take away the shirt since in s7 he’s in the same lizard gecko thing skin he was in Minecraft Survivor The Atacama and I really like that skin so yeah. Brady wore a terrifying Ocarina Of Time Link outfit for season 4 and 10 (bet £3 it was to scare Ben).

Season 3

I didn’t mention this for season 2 but I altered designs for my own pleasure. As I mentioned Lolzy’s a gecko (I think). I made Cosmic look like his usual skin but with the old outfit. I made Aaron an actual tiger and changed Unique up A LOT so much I don’t need to explain any changes.
I didn’t bother looking at the intro to remember what they looked like so Ace probably looks different. I made Octen a microwave. Gave Hunter a Fox onesie instead of making him a fox because that’s too big of a change. Made Thomas look like a mixture between his old and new skin. Made Fluffy look like his s9 skin but with a panda hood to still look somewhat like him in s3 and made J into an umbreon like his usual skin, well, his skin isn’t actually an umbreon but he’s in a umbreon onesie, decided to make him an actual umbreon since I’d already done a bunch of designs for people in onesies. Also expect people who wear hoodies to not be wearing hoodies in my design since they’re so overused in skins pfft.

The show:

05/13/2020 4:56 pm
Level 45 : Master Kitten
<3 awesome work :3

i love your style so much .o. like its incredible how you can keep a style without each drawing looking the same
05/13/2020 5:13 pm
Level 26 : Expert Procrastinator
It is hard not gonna lie haha. One thing is maybe not make all their necks sticks, and then I’ll probably be good! I’m always thinking how to make the hair different and what hairstyles I can use. And thanks! <3
05/13/2020 5:18 pm
Level 45 : Master Kitten
pure skill <3
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