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Drawing 100+ GPG Contestants (season 8)

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avatar maggotface
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Okay, so I won’t be going in order from season 2 to 11 then, I would say a good reason for doing it before season 4 but really it’s only because it’s my favourite season (season 11 is my second favourite, expect that next), I needed an excuse to draw Unknown and to listen to Pilgrim Trail for an hour and a half. When I say it’s my favourite season I mean I’m on episode 5 and I’ve had a laughing fit each episode so far so now it’s my favourite apparently.

But yeah, I did the cast for Barnyard Bash, from what I know a fan fav season. I adore the cast with this one, and I’ve actually never drawn Ben before even though I love saying 6-1 on multiple occasions that have nothing to do with the numbers 6 and 1. Sarah took 14 minutes somehow and Gavin took 4.

I didn’t start with this season but I would recommend it, it’s the best season in my opinion, I’ve had a laughing fit each episode from 1-5. I died when I heard Ben had took all of his feathers out of the shulker box like milliseconds before counting began. I died when in Eggstravaganza Foration was going to get the egg, but Joe pushed him off, then Bronco pushed Joe off, then Unknown pushed Bronco off, then Sarah pushed Unknown off, and then Ben pushed Sarah off like dominoes. I died when I saw that comparison of Gavin’s Crazy Creations build and Sid The Science Kid. I died when Foration fell off of the cliff when they had just got to the challenge. And I died when David started running away after seeing Lambeau and screamed like a mad man. So on so on. Just watch it pls

Season 8 (Barnyard Bash)

The show:

05/15/2020 11:21 pm
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wuts this???
05/16/2020 3:24 am
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They’re my drawings of contestants from a Minecraft Gameshow on YouTube! There’s been 11 seasons and these are my drawings of the contestants from season 8, also known as Barnyard Bash. I linked the first episode (Aviary Animousity) at the bottom.
05/14/2020 4:15 pm
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