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Drawing of my♤Stylized Spring Bonnie!(ft. Springtrap)

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llPettyCandlesll avatar llPettyCandlesll
Level 47 : Master Artist
I really should have finished this awhile back.😅
I do apologize for this massive delay, I was busy with a lot of things!

That aside, here's that Spring Bonnie drawing I promised! If anyone decided to read the post, I do believe I made a small tease at adding another character to the picture! Can you guess?
(you can probably already almost obviously see based on the drawing, and because of the title)

Surprise surprise! Its my stylized version of Springtrap! Taking on a mobster type fit! I'll go into more detail after I post the skin itself! There's more to it when you see the skin!

I'm gonna be getting back to work, this is a more open promise. I say "open" as in open time for me to take breaks here and there but not forgetting to stay on track! Kinda like how its always been!

So if you're interested in my status, this is how it'll be from here and on, taking breaks when I need to, but never forgetting to come back every now and then! So don't worry too much about me if I stay away for awhile! 😅👋😊!


Oh! I almost forgot! If you wanna check out the Spring Bonnie skin, be sure to check out this link down below!

Stylized Springtrap here

I'll post the Springtrap link here when I post it later on!

CreditHow could I forget to credit Scott!? Shame on me

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Update! 😅 : by llPettyCandlesll 11/03/2022 3:01:07 pmNov 3rd, 2022

I just noticed Springtrap's hand is drawn rather incorrectly, hands are harder than I thought-

Let's just ignore that shall we?😅

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11/04/2022 2:08 pmhistory
Level 47 : Master Artist
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🎶🎵To the left🎵🎶
Take it back now y'all🎵🎶


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