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Hello, and welcome to my interview with the sweet and lovely anxii!

My questions are in purple; her answers are in blue.

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1. What inspired you to start making Minecraft skins?

1. Hm, i've always loved art/creating things in general, so ig this was just one more opportunity to do it? and knowing people could actually use it in game if they liked it was kind of "interesting" bc i never uploaded anything i did by myself before (like my drawings/paintings)

2. Do you have a persona? If so, what inspired you to create them?

2. I do! She's named Alice :) Hm, if we talk about the design then i'm pretty sure the first design i ever came up with was inspired from an already existing skin, i just made some changes to it to fit my style and my likes more? I changed it with time tho so it could be more like smth i really created by myself? Also decided to give her way more vibrant colors bc it seems happier and happiness is kinda what i've been looking for since a few years now (this sounds like seeking attention i'm sorry)? About her name, I always loved the name Alice and everytime there's a character named Alice in a movie/game/ect. i always fall in love with the character idk, so it just seemed obvious to choose this name xd about her story, i should upload it soon as it has changed a lot with time, but she's basically the person i wish i could be :)

3. What is your favourite skin that you've made?

3. I think it's my persona Alice, bc it has a whole story behind it :) Maybe I'd find another one if i went through my whole gallery but rn there isn't a specific one coming to my mind as I've never really been completely happy with my skins (which is why i keep changing my shading style, i'm still trynna find myself as a skinner oops :((( )

4. Do you have a favourite song/artist/band? What is it that you like about it/them?

4. oh, i have a few haha i love music so much! imma list some i guess;

-favourite band: My Chemical Romance (even tho their breakup was a few years ago), especially their album "The black Parade", the lyrics are pretty relatable somehow and i absolutely love the rhythm (if that's what u call it? sorry i'm not a native English speaker ;-;) in most of their songs, they just make me wanna put my life together??

-favourite artists: imma assume we're only talking about singers here, so there are two, Billie Eilish (i can already hear people yelling at me omg) because yes, i relate to her songs, especially her first album :) and there's also Angèle, a Belgian girl singing in french, and again i just relate to every songs, and it's a bit less calm than Billie but still more than MCR :') Also Billie and Angèle are both really close to their fans which is highly appreciated uwu

-favourite song: warning, if you can't hand suicidal things please don't listen to it. i don't really know if i can call it my favourite song but it's one that really speaks to me, along with "Baby don't cut", they kind of uh, help me to keep fighting? i guess ^^'

5. Do you have a favourite anime/movie/TV series? If so, do you also have favourite characters?

5. My favourite anime/manga has always been, and will always be Pandora Hearts! About my favourite character, my brain immediately thought about Xerxes Break, but then i thought about Alice/Alyss, Lacie and Echo and i don't really know anymore? o-o (I could also talk about the Kocho sisters from Demon Slayer honestly... but it would be too much right xD)
And for my favourite movie, i recently watched "When Marnie was there" and i recommend it, except if you don't like crying in front a movie, because you probably will xD it's just beautiful.

6. Do you have an inspiration (either for making skins or in real life)? If so, what do you like about them?

6. Qing Han aka Qinni was and still is my biggest inspiration when it comes to art or real life, because she thought so hard and i could always feel her emotions in her art, and i'm absolutely broken to know i won't ever see any new drawing, or just news from her, but i'll try my best to fight as she did, and she will always inspire me.

if we talk about skinners now, i've had so many inspirations haha! but to mention my first ever? i'm pretty sure it was An Intelligent Moron, aka twiginometry :) their skins always inspired me and they have always been such a nice person to me or just to everyone! i could also talk about aesteroid, my good friend who used to make such beautiful skins, she probably quit skinning tbh but we never know lol sometimes she just suddenly upload smth and disappear again for a year xD oh and Beanie's tutorials helped me a lot at the beginning :)

7. What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment here on PMC?

7. i have no idea honestly, maybe just thinking i have a place in this community? even though i had some beef with a few people and struggled to deal with the toxicity like 2 years ago or something, now this place feels much safer and i love the people i met here with my whole heart <3

8. What advice would you give to a new skin creator?

8. Don't feel bad if you can't get "popular" or find your own style immediately please, it takes time, sure it is faster for some people, but it's ok, no one is allowed to push you down because your skins are "basic" or because you don't have "many" followers, first of all this is subjective, and second of all you shouldn't care as long as you feel happy doing what you do, and as long as you don't make other skinners feel bad by tracing their skins without permission / credits, being inspired is a thing, copying is something else.

9. Do you have a current goal for Minecraft skinning? If so, what is it?

9. I can't think of anything right now? I don't need anything else than knowing some people still appreciate seeing my skins without forcing me to make them? Like yeah, i enjoy doing it so i'll keep going :)

10. How would you describe yourself in three words?

10. Oh my- this is a hard question haha, i've always had self-confidence problems and could list so many negative things oops...
well then; trying. my. best. ? i guess that's it :p

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Thank you again to anxii for being here with us today! I hope you enjoyed our interview. :)

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12/02/2020 12:58 am
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these are always very interesting to read :)
12/02/2020 7:25 am
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Thank you! :)
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