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Welcome to my interview with
Chaotic Stupid! ♥

My questions are in brown. Casey's responses are in yellow. :)

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1. What inspired you to start making Minecraft skins?
1. So this is sort of a long story, When I was in elementary school I was pretty lonely, of course I'd have a friend at school and stuff but most of the time I would sit by myself and I'm an only child and was very protected, I lived in a bad neighborhood so I didn't go outside much, so Youtube Kids and Playing with Toys were my main source of entertainment, along with farming games or watching my dad play Final Fantasy. While on my time with Youtube, I found a youtuber called Aphmau, I liked her series Minecraft Diaries. So, at night I would think about her series which transitioned into me writing my own story in my head, when I had first started playing Mine-Craft, I had decided that I wanted to have my persona as the character I fabricated, but since I had no friends I just made them myself lol.

2. Do you have a persona? If so, what inspired you to create them?
2. Yes, actually I currently have three, Casey, Cassie and Casserole, Casey is the one I go by the most and the skin is Titled Sunrays, I was using the Cassie Persona but I sort of started questioning my identity? So I made Casey instead :)

3. What is your favourite skin that you've made? Why is it your favourite?
3. Good things come in Threes, My favorite Recent skins are When Pigs Fly, Adventurous and Royalty.

4. Do you have an inspiration (either for making skins or in real life)? If so, what do you like about them?
4. My inspirations, or people I look up to are canday, ElvenJedi, Lxna, Kawaii and Angel , the people who inspire me to make skins are Iwashime, yelloe and someone named Jammy I haven't talked to in about a year, she was nice. Canday, Elven, Lxna, Kawaii and Angel make amazing skins and always show a lot of emotion through them, I love their palettes and Wish I could be more like them. Yelloe and Iwashime are two of my friends and I love them very much, they're very helpful when it comes to making skins and overall good friends to have. Jammy was the first person to teach me skinning as well as my first online friend.

5. Do you have a current goal for Minecraft skinning? If so, what is it?
5. Validation and Clout. Also I wanna get better at palettes. But mainly clout.

6. Do you have any original characters? If so, which is your favourite, and why?
6. I have over 60 but I'll keep it brief, I currently have 2 favorites, one is a Magical Highschool Student and the other is a Medieval Fantasy Engineer/Artificer.

The student's name is Leo, the skin is Sprouting. Leo was inspired by his brother to become a lawyer, after he had passed in duty as a police officer, Leo is the child of a Divorce and he has studied for Law since the Divorce, He's a bit cowardly and fragile but friendly, annoying, dense and fun to roleplay as.

The engineer's name is Buggs, I haven't been able to make them into a skin. Buggs was cursed by a lower deity who specialized in chimera magic when he was still a baby, giving him 4 arms and 3 eyes, and since kids are mean, he spent most of his time in the garden or reading. He had always had a interest in insects and engineering, and so, he made his first creation, a Insect helmet, at first it was a comfort thing, then he added things like night vision and other perks as he got older, being mistaken for a humanoid insect, he decided to stick to the brand and name himself buggs, wanting to be a successful creator of products to be used in everyday life, adventure and other things. He's fun to play since he's a know it all but also irritating but good willed. I also play a version of him without the helmet where he has really long hair and no one has caught on since he uses his birthname, Vindiath.

7. If you could have a conversation with anyone in the world (past or present), who would it be?
7. I would speak to my future self, learn about economics in the future or other things and find out what I should be doing today to be able to thrive in the later years :)

8. What are your favourite hobbies outside of Minecraft/making skins?
8. Video games, specifically Final Fantasy 14 and Harvest Moon : Magical Melody for the Wii. I'm a level 80 rdm main. I also like drawing and pixel art!

9. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be and why would you change it?
9. I would probably make people not suck so bad, like murderers and kidnappers, stop it, I want to go outside.

10. How would you describe yourself in three words?
10. Chaotically Stupid God.
I mean c'mon. Obvi

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Thank you again to Casey for being a really interesting person and a talented skinner! I hope you enjoyed our interview. :)

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CreditChaotic Stupid- For being interviewed, VicTycoon- Minecraft render background

09/28/2020 12:51 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Fox
09/25/2020 5:21 pm
Level 46 : Master Answer
The 'When Pigs Fly' skin link is a link to Chaotic's persona, just wanted to let you know.
Good Job!
09/25/2020 5:32 pm
Level 45 : Master Vampire
Ach, sorry about that! I'll fix it.

And thank you. ^-^
09/25/2020 5:00 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
Chaotic Stupid
Don't @/ jammy please lol they dont have a pmc
09/25/2020 5:09 pm
Level 45 : Master Vampire
Oh, sorry.
09/25/2020 5:10 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
Chaotic Stupid
No it's totally fine! lol I should've specified
09/25/2020 5:10 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
Chaotic Stupid
I loved doing this btw :)
09/25/2020 5:13 pm
Level 45 : Master Vampire
It's fine! ♥ I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)
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