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DreamWanderer's Garden

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DreamWanderer's Avatar DreamWanderer
Level 86 : Elite Pegasus
Hello all :) I figured I would do a little blog on the stuff I do IRL. I am at my third year into growing a garden. It all started from farming simulator lol.

I currently have a 1,200 square foot (111.48 square meter) garden

Planting my sweet corn Late in may. Which I am growing a kind called "Honey & Pearl"
which is called a "Bicolor corn. Which produces a ear of corn with yellow and white kernels on it
DreamWanderer's Garden

Around three weeks ago. My Corn which was sprouting up, started to develop stalk, and leaves
DreamWanderer's Garden

Meanwhile, over on the other side. My potatoes started to come up good. I was worried they weren't going to grow at all, but they shot up all at once. The last two years I grew Red potatoes, but this year I decided to switch over to "Yukon Gold" potatoes
DreamWanderer's Garden

Just today, some of my potato plants are waist high! And are flowering now :)

Over the July 4th weekend, my Sweet corn just barely made it knee high. Around here. The saying is if your corn "Is Knee high by the fourth of July" you should get good corn, but its mostly just a folk saying lol.

Pardon the weeds. They got out of hand, and with the size of my garden. I am thinking of how to deal with them. I never seen them so bad this early lol.

You can also see on the bottom of the corn stalk. Those two little smaller "stalks" growing out at a angle from the base are called "Tillers".

The tillers can be see as in this Diagram

Interestingly enough. I had a little mishap with some of my corn, and high winds have blown over/ broken some of my corn. These "tillers" are actually growing to take over and replace for the damaged main stalk as can be seen with one of my stalks of corn.


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07/22/2022 11:01 pm
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damn farmin sim XD