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Duckgod's 5s: 5 Ways You Shouldn't Fix Lag on Minecraft

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avatar Duckgod
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5. Spending all your money on RAM without thinking about GHz(Gigahertz): GHz is your monitor's FPS pretty much. Lets say you have 200 FPS in Minecraft, but only have 60 GHz, you would get 60 instead of 200, you need to think about buying a new monitor for more GHz or if you can, raise the GHz limit.
4. Cancelling out Programs with Task Manager: Unless not important processes, cancelling a program for more CPU will prove bad to your PC.
3. Deleting files for more computer space: Deleting important system files is a no-no. You might break your PC.
2. Deleting important Minecraft files: Could break Minecraft in total.
1. Raising Javaw.exe's speed to High or Realtime: Slows down every other process to basically just eat up a lot of CPU.
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