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COVID-19 Year 1 Writing Challenge - Dumb Luck (Extended Epilogue)

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Here we are, this time from my own native country. A satire from Vu Trong Phung, Dumb Luck!
It was just a self-fulfilling extended part for the epilogue, to do what the original story has not covered.

Three days later, great-grandpa Hồng also passed away just like his great-great-grandfather. The saying "I know, what a pain! Shut up already!" from then on was engraved on his tombstone.
After the big wedding day, Red-haired Xuân and Snow gained a lot of valuable dowry, guaranteed endless spending. In the extreme happiness of married life, two young couples decided to enjoy their honeymoon at the Bank of Indochina. Snow then got pregnant, and the two of them bore together a cute daughter - Blonde-haired Thu.
It is 1940. And the chance to win back the title of “East France”. Xuân's return was once again, when the organizers opened the ninth Open Tonkin Tennis Tournament.
This time, Red-haired Xuân brought noble medals to show his prestige against his opponents. Ms. Deputy Customs Officer and little Master Blessing showed their support for her secret lover. The mother and daughter of the Snow family stood outside to watch their husband and father from the stands. The public cheered again in the presence of a "Great" Xuân, a hero who "saved the country". Over many rounds, he finally had the opportunity to see the last opponent in his career. The only difference is, that wasn't the Siamese champion from before. As the governor said, "he" was Prince Mikasa - the second son of former Emperor Yoshihito.
(The tennis match just went on like in the original story - just without any intervention this time!)
Resounding victory over one such royal lineage gave Xuân the championship trophy he never been touched for the sake of the "motherland". However, the joy did not last long when a "gong" sound broke through the exciting atmosphere of the stands.
So, the invasion of the Great Sun Empire in "East France" was officially commenced. Oh God, so why did the motherland blatantly let them in here? What have we done wrong?
Perhaps that question will need to be answered... in half a decade...
CreditVu Trong Phong (original author)
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