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Hello there, and welcome to the first Dungeon Tales Development blog post! First, what is Dungeon Tales? Well, DT (Abbreviation for Dungeon Tales) is an Isometric Minecraft RPG server project. Heavily based on Minecraft Dungeons but with my twist. It also lets me customization to a level far beyond MCD allows me to, which leads to the main reason I started this project, freedom to build whatever i wanted.

How it works:

DT is a server setup, mainly running plugins. The source code of the will be available in form of "basic setup" with almost no content as preset. If you're looking to just play this gamemode, join our discord to play with us on the official server (Server isn't ready, nor the source code.)

It uses a plot based world, where the plots are zones for your characters to move around, hunt down mobs and cooperate with other adventurers. We are planning a PvP gamemode similar to Dota 2 or League of Legends, all based on the isometric gamemode that we are working on for our PvE part.

Showcase Video:

Credits to Bullesta. Thanks for recording for me.

Contact and general information:

Howdy! So you're interested on DT? Nice! Thanks for reading till here. I'm have working on this for about 6-7 months and I really wanted to showcase this to the public. Maybe I'm a madman trying the impossible to create a new gamemode but yeah... I won't back down!

If you are interested in following the progress of DT, just join our little discord server and chat with us!Please keep in mind, DT is in its early stages. Although its playable, I'm NOT opening the server to the public at this moment, if you are an active member of our community, we might call you for the private playtests!
Anyway, thanks for reading! See you soon!

Dungeon Tales Discord Link!
CreditRumiExMachina (Creator), Bullesta (Recording and ideas)
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