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Easily Making a Vanilla Minecraft Server

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Hey, it's Tommy.

Want to make a vanilla Minecraft server but don't want to spend time self-hosting? Here's how. This will be described with pictures!

A 64-Bit or 32-Bit installation of Windows.
A computer with 4-8+ Gigabytes of RAM/Memory
Access to installing programs and administrator rights.

Step 1:
Navigate to https://arc.studiouifxdesig.repl.co/ in your browser and download
the x64 or x32 version.

Easily Making a Vanilla Minecraft Server

Step 2:
Extract the .ZIP you've downloaded and run the executable *MAKE SURE YOU INSTALL .NET 4.7 OR LATER!*. A window should pop up asking if you want to grant Arc admin rights. Click "yes" or type in the password and press the enter key (it needs to have admin rights to access the Program Files folder).

Step 3:
If you've done these steps correctly, a window should pop up looking like this:

Easily Making a Vanilla Minecraft Server

Step 4:
Next, go to the create section, type a name and click the dropdown to select a version then type the "Create Instance" button.

Easily Making a Vanilla Minecraft Server

Step 5:
Restart the program, click the dropdown underneath "Instances"
, (you can leave the arguments blank if you want 2 gb of memory), and press "Run Instance". Want to change your server's properties? Click the "Properties" button below "Run Instance"

Step 6:
Want to open your server to the public? Try "Port Forwarding", opening a port on your router to the public. Go to the url here:
That is your default router gateway. Then, open a port through the admin menu. To change the port from the default 25565 to a port that is not taken up by any other program, open the server.properties file and navigate to "server-port=". Change the value from 25565 to whatever, such as 27454.

Tommy out, peace!

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