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Easy Checkpoints for Parkour maps

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About the video

The worst thing to do in a map are the checkpoints: after you have made some very cool parkour puzzle, you have to find spots where to put checkpoints and to be sure that are working and that the command blocks are not visible.
If you instead are playing a parkour map, surely you feel you need more checkpoints and you're yelling every time you fail a jump and you have to start over or to simply wait until you're dead in the void.

But with very few command blocks, you can easily create a checkpoints system incredibly simple to set, making happier you, because you can now only concentrate on the parkour, and the players, because he now have more checkpoints during the map!

How? Check out this video!

Additional Informations

What you can see in the video is a parkour map I'm doing. It will feature 4 different parkour courses, each one of a different "type": sprint parkour, timed parkour, redstone parkour and puzzle parkour. This last one is the one you can see and is a type of parkour where the most difficult thing is to understand where to jump. Check out my youtube channel for future informations! 



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