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(POPREEL) EAT A SOCK | by liv . the new breakthrough in the music industry

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Seachnnl avatar Seachnnl
Level 18 : Journeyman Dragonborn
Hey there
Today I Present to you,
by Seachnnl

also my friend roa helped me find some old songs
credit to her also here's her discord tag: ItzRoa##4670


Broken memories broken hearts you shattered me from the start and I don't understand - you're breaking I'm shaking I'm cold and your still waking I'm white then I'm black and the colors don't match - we sin we break we crash it's all a blur from what I've heard -- you left me here to say and now you're just throwing me away like some old doll that you never loved, some cold love that never lasted -- everything is all just plastic and everything is in black and white and I'm switching faster the the channels on tv, and as you can see every night i'm crying, you see from the other side of the fence but i see from the darker side and cries in the danger & more or less you can see i'm breaking and you're starting to shake and we're all hurting cause you broke our hearts, you stepped on them and put yourself on the spot.


as the golden glowing stars carry you into the night sky, as you're always flying high like you wanted to,
but i just set aside my feelings for you...you say would always catch me if i fall, but of course that wasn't true at all but i still understood..that sometimes you cant always catch someone, when they're falling, as i see the golden stars, drop you high from above, as you're falling into the abyss, and i say "what have i missed" i missed you, and he missed me too, id always try to catch him..even though sometimes he didn't catch me..


So let the golden stars hold you tight and let the clouds catch your fall, as I hold you in my arms, but you ran away before I could say goodbye..you took my breath away and I'm star struck and you just float away and I never ever thought it'd be this way but I can't explain how this cage of emotions and devotion get me caught up in this tidal wave

this has no meaning at all, I'm just gonna fall, i fail it all and I'd break your fall, and to ever think that you'd ever like me too would be a mistake in a book full of magic and mystery all tied up on one page and I'd just hope that one day my life could be the same
as the teardrops fall onto your face and you look up into the sky and see your mistakes...but it's not your fault, it's not that way..at all..so listen here, get closer, I'm gonna tell you why you're better than what you think you are..you're everything to me, but you're nothing to you..I fell for you and you fell for me but you fell before, but you still feel like you fell beneath, and I won't ever see the better side of me, that's what you say..but the truth lies underneath, and I know you still mean it and I know you still care and...I just feel alone today and I have nothing else to say, take my hand and I'll take you away
heres one i wrote for my friend ian
i love your eyes and their baby blue color cause it reminds me of the beach in the summer,

i love your hands because your fingerprints are like no other and...

i love the way your hand intertwines with mine, and when i look into your eyes i can see the stars and the sky, and when theres those times when i just cant clear my mind cause im...thinking about you,,all the time

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