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Level 6 : Apprentice Engineer
It was a year ago since i bought minecraft, i was eager to join the so promised amazing community it had to offer online. I played on many different servers from any type and style. And eventually i made my own. What i noticed is that there are just a few people playing the game for fun, not to destroy others or for power. As the other day i launched a new project on my server, a hobbit village. everything went well and all people said it was amazing, i was gone for 4 minutes. when i came back i saw 2 factions fighting eachother and burning the city to ashes, i asked why and i gain from all the same answer: "It would be a cool faction base. This is one of the many situations i had experienced, if the people on any server just had one tiny chance to rebel against the server staff or to destroy a players hard work for their own purposes, they would propably do it, veen on peacefull no-pvp servers. Lucky for me i don't have such a community on my server, but many still have.

So i started to wonder, why does the community do this? why do they find it "Fun" to destroy someones work, or community. I'n this blog im not saying if it is good or not, im going to tell why.

Minecraft is more of a game that is liked becuase of its freedom and possibility's, not of it's graphics or storyline.
The game can come even so far to virtually make you're dreams come true ( for example mine to help people )
It gives a possibility to break borders of you're life.
People of all ages live in a society with alot of suppression, But lets take the biggest group of minecrafters. the teenagers. Mostly go to school everyday, and some even to work. Having homework, responsibility. parent's can be a big problem to, aswell money and conflicts. I don't say a teenagers life is/must be depressive, but a average one should have many restrictions in that period of life. So as people try to enjoy their freedom/anger outdoors when there are no eyes to watch. so do gamers on minecraft.

And so they do, people actually love destroying people's "lifes" on minecraft servers. They don't see that nice decorated wooden medieval house as a project that should be extended and protected, and what was hours of work for the player. They see it as a nice bonefire as they put it on fire with flint and steel. In that way they let their anger out on that player. Becuase aren't games played to break the restrictions you have in real life, so you have fun playing without those. So they do on that house. The "good" side of the community says that those kind of players must have problems at home, and that is mistake one. They don't have to do that when they have problems at home. they could even have a amazing family, but a typical and common anger must go out. ( stress )
Stress can be, as stated in the first sentences of this part. Created by restrictions or problems in life, so the common plague of many servers ( griefing ) is very stress relieving.

But it isn't just anger that thrives people to such actions. Jealousy.
Can you imagene the feeling when you come out of you're mine after a hour of mining with 6 diamonds in you're cobblestone home, that you see a player living across you wearing full diamond armor with a diamond block decorated castle. This might be overreacted, but it is still a realistic example. Players would start to create hate agaisn't that player, even without knowing him/her further. And sometimes that hate isn't even noticed by the hater him/herself. So what will the player do agaisnt the wealthy player walking by? Well, anything is possible then.
He might backstab him and grief his base afterwhards. or start a conspiracy agaisnt him, and so on. So men should think twice why a player is griefing a massive and majestic palace of a offline king, there is more then "having fun" behind it.

And then you have the very common : I'm boss " players. Those type of people have somewhere in their lifes no power were they want to have, and it can lead a player acting like that for the smallest feeling of standing powerless agaisnt something/someone. There can be a retarded and stupid reason behind it, or a mindblowing one what does not create agaisnt such a player. but pity. I had one player like that on my server, he wanted to control everything. It gain so far that he controlled every faction and town. I was the first one ever to ask him why he wanted that power, and the ruin the gameplay for others. After a 2 hour long conversation i found out he had a tumor, and that his doctors said he will die young. This opened my eyes aswell, that sometimes people are so powerless, that their only goal in life is to get more power.
But luckily many people don't have such a situation, and just do for the reason stated above.
And sometimes, people are just so freaking arrogant that they think their supreme, and better then the rest. In my opinion, those people should have a firearrow between their eyes. ( not in real life afcourse :P )

There are afcourse many other reasons why you would do that, and unfortunatly some people really just do it for fun, i hope this blog learned you that there can be big reasons behind simple things like constant griefing in minecraft.

This is my first blog, so feedback is more then welcome. And if you like it, give it a diamond!

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