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Eight Tips That Will Make You Better at Minecraft PvP

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(These tips are for 1.8 PvP)

Keep moving in melee combat.

This is really important because if you just stay still the other player can keep hitting you. They don’t need to aim. No matter how you move, it’s better than just getting hit. One way to move is to spin around. You can also move back and forth. Also, you can jump around.

Use you bow.

You can hit other players from distance, and they can’t hit you back if they aren’t as skilled. When a player is running at you, you can use your bow to stop them. Use you bow. This thing can turn a battle.

Potions can help you a lot.

Splash potions are great because armor doesn’t stop them at all. You can also throw them from distance. Potions can also heal you fast, so you can come back faster. Also, you can automatically regenerate health in battle with regeneration potions.

Use lava and flint and steel.

Using lava can slow down a player chasing after you and set them on fire. Both of these put together makes lava worth using. Flint and steel also works good because you can redo it lots of times, though it doesn’t slow the player down.

Place blocks when retreating.

When you are retreating placing blocks is great. Not only can you block players from chasing after you, you can also go up to higher places.

Ender peals are useful.

Ender pearls are another great way to retreat. You can teleport away and recover. It will also confuse your opponent.

Combine attacks.

Doing lots of things at once will confuse your opponent. This can also do more damage. For example, you can combine lava and an ender pearl to teleport behind someone and do damage.

Keep clicking in 1.8 PvP but remember to aim.

In 1.8 PvP it seems like it is all about clicking, and that to the most part that is true. You want to click as fast as you can. There is a problem though. If you are clicking really fast you won’t be as accurate when you hit. Not as many hits is better than none. Also, maybe clicking really fast isn’t going to work. If you click fast enough an online game won’t register a lot of hits.
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