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Eldara - A long Minecraft Poem

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avatar Shadow211212
Level 21 : Expert Dolphin
There once were a boy of Olden Day
It was the sweet month of May
The kingdom of Eldara stood
Near it was a great wood
And in these woods a witch a' brewed
She was in a bad mood
She made a vial of light green
By looking at it you could tell it was mean
She poured it on a skeleton
It picked up a bow, ready to win
It marched towards Eldara!
It was shot down immediately, ha!
But the Witch wasn't done yet
A plan she was beginning to set
She poured the green goo all over the graveyard
Many a tale of this would be told by a bard!
Zombies rose from their grave
No longer the ground's slave.
More skeletons, with their bows
Came running on their bony toes!
An army of dead was outside the kingdom!
Many a bard would sing this hum.
A boy of 18 strode towards the gate,
And warned the king before it was too late
But the mobs had already charged in!
How could the humans possibly win?
The boy, Steve, picked up his sword
And did what was told to him by his lord
He fought as hard as he could!
The rest of the kingdom, die they would!
The army of the undead was vanquished!
But the rest of the kingdom by their might was squished.
Now Steve looks for a new home!
And to find the Witch, he would roam.

Well, thats it for this poem. If youve enjoyed drop a diamond and maybe even favorite? Bai!

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