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Element Craft Owned by Cocokat1 Review

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avatar TheMelvinMan
Level 30 : Artisan Blacksmith
Quick side notes that isn't explained here:

1. Chests will not be openable in faction claimed land and people get access to a private unraidable chest

2. Comments so far are just staff members pretending to not know each other.

3. THE STAFF PLAY. They do not moderate as they play alongside the playerbase. They will not TP to you in a time of need, they require you to be FILMING at all times to report something on the forums.

Yes, even the owner plays. This 9/10 never goes over well and well... it didn't here either.

4. If you ask questions the staff doesn't like IE. "How does raiding work" the head-admin has been quoted as telling players to just "Leave."

5. I'm an idiot who left 1.8.8 on and mistook blazes for phantoms, but everything else in this review stands as true.

^ Was my review I would leave on the server. The owner would keep removing this comment from his post because his staff's comments of pretending to not know each other must stand.

Also for context for #5, We stupidly thought the blazes were a result of staff abuse when we realized (when it was too late) it was the result of 1.8.8 turning the phantoms into blazes so we will take the L on that one. However, everything else in this review stands.

^ This was also taken out of their chat in the discord which posts their chat. He is removing active criticism on his server to make his server seem like it's in the golden age of minecraft factions. He would also assume that we did our act on purpose and would go on to spam him/dox him which of course we would never stoop that low.

Snowdude was asked a question on how raiding works, he answered it honestly with explaining how faction chests worked, tnt not exploding and everything. The player then came to his own conclusion the server wasn't for him and left, Coco then threatened snow with a mute for "Making players leave."

Their head admin which ironically enough when another player later that evening, completely new, asked the same questions the admin straight up, just said, "Leave." and didn't say anything else after. Me and another player named DrizzyGaming called the admin out but didn't say anything.

To also continue on the Staff Play: Me and a few other guys were in ALLIANCE chat talking. Then our fellow ally said he was hoping off for the evening and said "Good night." Then a couple seconds later in PUBLIC chat the admin responded with "Good night." Giving our entire alliance (WHO WAS ENEMIED WITH THEM) FULL knowledge that they could see ally chat making communication via server about raids on them IMPOSSIBLE.

Adding more onto this staff play issue, which is just bonkers. Usually when staff player its Trial mods, or moderators who are usually staff on the ground while Admins/Owners are able to fly around and TP to others. "Well what if they just wanna play on their server?" I hear you typing, then go to another server.... it's not that difficult honestly. Due to the volume of staff wanting to play which is all of them, their response to anything: Hackusations, glitches, they rely 100% on the PLAYER to always be recording and to always "Make a forum post." So basically, no true admins or staff. The owner will occasionally TP around to view but he still plays which leads to a feeling of un-safeness as if he's given your cords out.

The server had all the right means to be a great server but it fell short. I do not usually "whine" or "complain" about servers as I just move along. However, if you silence criticism even when I admit my fault in the review, you will not be getting the last laugh. The staff being able to play and NOT actually admin is utterly silly, especially when expecting everyone to ALWAYS be recording and do the staff's job for them. It's silly.

Add on:

^ This is also utterly stupid. I'm actually livid for this person for the last part, "On discord." A server owner has NO control over people asking other members on a discord as you are trying to imply a totalitarianism which... is bonkers. Which is hilarious because there defense for the player is below.

So friends cannot talk to one another about the even IDEA of a server. Let alone have friendly conversation as well between friends on a discord about it which I think is silly.

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