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Eli's 3rd PMC Anniversary Blog! - Is Hytale Pointless!?

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Eli the Zeratoed avatar Eli the Zeratoed
Level 48 : Master Professor
Eli's 3rd PMC Anniversary Blog! - Is Hytale Pointless!?
Hey, everybody! It's me! You know, that one blogger who kind of resorted to making blogs within skins? Yeah, believe it or not, I'm actually still doing blogs, but they're disguised as skins. But let's not talk about that, because it's my 3rd year anniversary of being on this site!
Eli's 3rd PMC Anniversary Blog! - Is Hytale Pointless!?
You've heard that right! I might have forgotten to do one of these blogs for my second year (since I've passed the date by a longshot and forgot it was a thing), but this year, I'm only off by one day, since I was too busy celebrating Father's Day with my family. Boy, has this site been a wonderful trip indeed! From humble beginnings to all the friends I've made on here throughout the years, I've loved this site to a core. If it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't even be here and I'd be just... Uh... On DeviantArt, maybe? I don't know. Also, even though she's quite inactive, I'd like to thank Eli's 3rd PMC Anniversary Blog! - Is Hytale Pointless!?Simssuker for pushing me to get an account for this site. Without her motivation to get me on here, I would've only been a quiet observer who'd only go on here for texture packs and mods. You know what? Everybody deserves a shoutout! Subscriber or not, you guys are the ones who made me who I am today. To infinity and beyond, let's continue to be best friends forever!

Cheesy speeches aside, I bet you're waiting for me to talk about the supposed "Minecraft Killer." The Yokai Watch to Pokemon, the Antz to A Bugs Life. Well, behold yourselves... It's Hydertale.
UNMERTALE2 Floral Face cartoon green fictional character text
Haha, I'm just kidding! It's called Hytale. Don't get your Papyrus in a tizzy! "But Eli!" Great. Another Magikarp to ruin my anniversary with your stupid questions. What do you want? "What makes Hytale so special? Why is this Undertale ripoff a Minecraft killer? Answer me, dangit! *Plays Megalovania at max volume*" Yeesh, no need to play that theme so darn loud! I'll tell you! Now, Hytale is a sandbox game, like Minecraft, where you can do anything you want, but it focuses more on adventure mode (the equivalent of survival) and minigames rather than Minecraft's original focus on creative mode before it got all obsessed with survival features like more freaking Squidwards. Sure, it has a creative mode, but most of it's advertisements tend to focus on the "epic boss battles" and "let's explore this cave for the millionth time!"
Looking forward to this game #hytale #gaming #hytalenews #pc #2019 #minecraft #terraria #starbound #sandbox #riot
"So, what do you think of it?" asks yet another Magikarp with extremely detailed voxel graphics. You know, as much as people hype it up and praise it for it's improvements, I actually see this game in a negative light. However, I actually like a lot of things about Hytale that seem extremely promising, like the ability to test scripts in game, the acceptance of community feedback, players/mobs that feel alive, and the fact that "anything you can see can be edited," which is indeed very awesome! Heck, you can even make your own minigames and share them to the world without any need of making plugins for them. Also, remember that texture pack editor that I mentioned in the Minedeas blog I made a few years back? Well, the game actually comes with an editor, as well as having the ability to work with others on your pack like you can with documents on google drive! Holy crap! That is just the most ingenious resource pack-making time-saver I've ever seen in my life! Woah my sta-

Anyways, now that I've talked about the positive aspects of this game, let's look at the downsides. Now, I know it's unfair to judge it since all of this information is coming from a trailer, but hear me out. When Pokemon X and Y came out, I was hoping they would add following Pokemon in the game after making the trailer, but in reality, we didn't, even though at the bottom of the trailer, it said "Game footage not final." Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu's trailer, however, had following Pokemon, and kept it all the way through. So really, even if the trailer's gameplay isn't final, it'll most likely be the same. Looking into Hytale's trailer, my first complaint is that when I'll first start off on the game, I'll have to edit so much, but that's merely a nitpick. Next (which is the big one) are the graphics. Dear stars, as much as I love the detailed models and the fact that you can edit them later, they're just... Ugly! Besides most of the mobs, I can't even bear to look at the player character for a few seconds just because it's too detailed, no matter how many clothing items I stuff onto my player. Oh, and while we're at it, let's talk about the big daddy of my complaints, the character customization.

Now, most of the time, a lot of the charm from Minecraft came from the endless creativity you could dump onto your player character. Don't like Steve? Why not be a manticore instead? Despise Alex's design? Go ahead! Be a Peridot! This wondrous ability to pour your style onto your character model makes it the main draw to PMC in the first place (besides blogs, wall posts, and such). You could throw your majestic-looking creation onto the site for others to see and use! Combine that with the MorePlayerModels mod, and you can accurately be the size of the character you want to be, like a smol-er Professor Wolftree! The possibilities are endless! Hytale, however, has something that makes me cringe: A generic customization selector for your player. Good. Stars. As much as this game promotes creativity like Minecraft, this doesn't smell the least bit creative. Instead of the complete freedom you have to change your character in Minecraft, you're stuck with the same-sized generic human with limited skin palettes (hoping there will be more so that it proves me wrong) and clothing options to choose from like every single RPG out there. Jeez, this is more limited than Dark Souls, a game where you can make your character look funny (if you want to) for crying out loud! Would you like to be a dolphin or a dog? Too bad. You're stuck playing as a human no matter what. Even with clothing on your player, it doesn't make a difference to your overall look. In the end, you're still your default human character! I know, my persona/prof-sona, Professor Eli Wolftree, is half-human and this shouldn't bother me, but disappointingly, there is no green skin option or the ability to change the size of your character model, so I can't make that a reality! Shame on you, Hytale. Shame.

In the midst of this darkness, however, I'd like to suggest an idea, or a "Hydea" if you will. Why not let players have the option to insert their own average/small-sized models into the game like I suggested with Minecraft (.mmd, etc.)? It would make them stand out more from the crowd, and would have a large appeal for those who want to make their own character model, and in turn, can be encouraged to learn how modeling works and learn new skills that can be useful in real life (especially when making 3D games). Heck, why not include it in the resource editor as well? There can be a player file where you can modify your model as a re-texture or a completely new thing, while choosing what parts of the model can be the eyes, mouth, nose, etc; with the power of in-game script editing! You can even make it look blocky if you ever so choose. Though, I want this to be a non-cliented method. I don't want to be the only one who can see my own model, and I want to show it off to my friends and have a good time as our wacky non-default characters. In a way, it'll not only make the game better than Minecraft, but it'll earn my trust as well.

I know I've only harped on one issue, but in the end, is this game even necessary to exist? Well, the answer is both yes and no. Honestly, this game never needed to exist. The Hypixel staff already have a server to run on both PC and Bedrock versions of Minecraft to satisfy kids, teens, and adults. It would kind of be a waste to put their time and effort into a clone of something that's already perfect. It's got all the similar beats of Minecraft, but with a few extra things like bosses and such. But at the same time, this game happened for a reason, as a labor of love to Minecraft, a fan game of sorts. It's like Pokemon Uranium. Even though it got thrashed by Nintendo for stealing fans away from the original games, that wasn't ever it's intent. Same for Hytale! It never wanted to steal fans of Minecraft away with it's much better graphics and such. It was just made out of love from real fans of Minecraft who want to make their vision of a fan-dictated world a reality like what Notch made it out to be from the beginning. Honestly, I'd much rather have kids play this rather than Dumbnite or PubAGoo because they're at least getting something out of it rather than two crappy games that are cancerous in nature, especially on YouTube. "So, Eli!" What is it, Magikarp? "Are you ever going to get Hytale and try it out for yourself when it comes out?" Well, if the Hypixel team can hear my complaints and the game turns out to prove me wrong with unlimited character customization, then I will gladly say, yes. But if not, I'll hold off until the game is less popular and has more of a tiny cult following like Minecraft now does. Until then, here are some good old fashioned memes, and be sure to live life the porpoiseful way as we live on this wonderful site. See you!


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03/06/2020 12:18 am
Level 1 : New Miner
WakerofWinds avatar
So, I know that this is an old post, and now, we have a better idea what Hytale is, but...

I just felt that I should drop a few of my thoughts here:

-Even at this present time, we are not sure of all of Hytale's features. We are not sure if in addition to the in-game character editor, if there will be additional customization - in my estimation, there probably will. Hypixel is not dumb. They know people love their skins. If you watch the trailer, and easter egg you'll notice is certain well known minecrafters such as the yogscast. This leads me to believe that you'll be able to have more customization than shown in the basic skin menu.

-I feel like graphics, more than anything in games, are very much subjective. I have always felt a bit meh about minecraft's graphics. I didn't hate them, and I didn't love them. I love Hytale's pastel style, and particularly the fluidity of its animation.

-Does Hytale need to exist? Did minecraft need to exist? No game, or piece of art needs to exist. This being said, is Hytale a copy of minecraft because it is a block based game?

Thought experiment, let's smooth out the hard edges in Hytale's world. Would it still be considered a "clone"?
In my view, Hytale is a fusion between ideas in minecraft and ideas in fantasy adventure games. I feel that it brings enough differences to the table to be worth playing in addition to minecraft.

in addition, Hytale will have built in modification, and thus will be far more malleable than minecraft will ever be.

If there is something I object to in this blog, it is the assertion that "minecraft is perfect."

Melarkey. No game, not even my highly rated babies Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild are perfect. There will always be room for advancements in any genre.

Minecraft is a great creative game. But it's adventure elements are lacking. Because minecraft sprang from such a small idea, and was built on over and over again, it never really had a well defined identity. This has made it hard for Mojang to know how to update it in more recent years. After they fix up the nether, and some biomes, then what? How will they start adding completely knew game elements before people start feeling disenchanted?

Minecraft also, as I mentioned, could be improved with its combat, many biomes, and as I mentioned, it's modability.

I always felt that villagers were not as well implemented as they could've been. Mods like millenaire and tektopia show what they could be.

Minecraft though, will always be a great game, even, a legendary game. It is one of the few games that causes a pivot in the industry.

I don't think Hytale will be perfect. Some things, minecraft will do better than Hytale, but I think it will give many people what they missed from minecraft.

It is a fact of life that new games will come along, and carry similar elements as older ones. When the iconic game Doom came out, every game following it, was branded for a time, as a "Doom clone."

As time went on, they stopped being clones, and instead became a genre. There will always be cash in games, but I am positive Hytale is not a cash-in.

Hypixel is being extremely transparent in their development process - something that cash in game studios never do.

There is also a visible heart in the game. The devs really love what they're doing.

And should Hypixel have stuck with running a server? I feel that is a little bit presumptuous to claim that life is fine for them. Running a server takes a lot of work, and since monetization changes in the early 2010s, making money from servers is much harder.

What I gather, is these people don't want to just run a server - they want to be game devs themselves. Being an aspiring game designer, I praise their risky move to start a game dev studio. They wanted to do things that they couldn't bound inside minecraft. Now they have much more freedom, and they have enough support to make Hytale, and hopefully make many more games.

Now, as I get off my soap box, I'll stress again, that I love minecraft, and I'll also say, that you are of course entitled to your opinion. I think that minecraft and Hytale can coexist. Minecraft however, will inevitably fade in popularity over time.

It happens to the best. I love the Legend of Zelda series. But despite games like Link to the Past doing so many amazing things, and being so popular, they will eventually fade in popularity. People will always play them, but if no one makes games in their genre, the genre will die.

This is what has happened to pure adventure games. Games like The Secret of Monkey Island were super popular in the 90's, but in the early 2000s, they faded out of popularity, and the genre died. I thought the same thing had happened to my beloved theme park sim genre with the demise of roller coaster tycoon, but then Frontier made Planet Coaster.

Was Planet Coaster a copy of Roller Coaster Tycoon?

I think Hytale deserves to exist, and I am glad it does. I hope that others learn to look past their gripes with it, and see the amazing game it has the potential to be.
11/27/2019 5:38 pmhistory
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
ThursdayMorning avatar
the developers of hytale do not understand the creative community of minecraft
the textures of hytale are richer and its models are far more sophisticated- which is what will kill it

my crappy wood house is right at home in the similarly crappy world of minecraft
in hytale, such a structure would stick out sorely

i am not an artist, but minecraft skins are eight pixels wide, so my skin looks okay
how many people can create skins with the level of detail required of a hytale character?

i built a spacecraft out of wool and stone on a space-themed server
minecraft textures are vague enough that we can repurpose blocks for whatever
look at the resolution of hytale textures- do you think that would look decent on hytale?

there are many texture packs for Minecraft by a ton of different people
take a look at the icy dragon on hytale.com/game- do you think that anything less than a team of creatives could produce something like that? do you think that the same number of people make minecraft resource packs will be resource artists for hytale?

the minimum level of effort required to produce something in hytale is far beyond that of minecraft

twelve-year-old me cannot step into this world and make something he is proud of
07/17/2019 8:03 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Pokemon
IDoopliss avatar
I hope it will be as successful as minecraft tho. I think hytale realeased the trailer too early ;-;
07/24/2019 7:34 pmhistory
Level 48 : Master Professor
Eli the Zeratoed
Eli the Zeratoed avatar
Yeah, it feels like forever for the beta to release (because I signed up for it)! :P

From what I can assume, Hytale will be successful, but only in that niche audience of similar Minecraft game lovers like those who play Terrarria. Like I said, I believe it's got some great promise, but you can't topple such a big franchise like Minecraft, no way no how.
06/21/2019 8:29 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Magical Boy
Stuffles avatar
hytale deserves to exist as it's own game instead of constantly being compared to minecraft like staxel was, sure they have similarities and it was made by hypixel but it's doing things minecraft hasn't done and it's not a complete copy of it

just doesn't make sense to label the game as a minecraft ripoff before it's even in beta like how does that make sense
06/23/2019 11:52 pmhistory
Level 48 : Master Professor
Eli the Zeratoed
Eli the Zeratoed avatar
You do have a good point there, Stuffles! Like Terranium, Hytale may look and feel like Minecraft, but that doesn't necessarily make it a Minecraft clone/ripoff of sorts. I think it's easy for us to point that this game's a "Minecraft Ripoff" because the lizard part of our human brains tends to compare stuff to previous stimuli (in this case, Minecraft) subconsciously, even if we never wanted to. It can even be why people freak out over remakes of old franchises (I'm looking at you, Disney!). Even though we have the originals to enjoy, there's always going to be that part of us saying "Gee, I wonder what's gonna be the same or different compared to the old version" when we hand our cash over to see any remake. I cannot believe I forgot to point this out in the blog. Maybe I'm the lizard brained one, here. xD
06/18/2019 5:33 pm
Level 71 : Legendary Nerd
Nitgo avatar
One adorable grassy boi VS. one pixelated Minecraft wolf

06/18/2019 6:45 pmhistory
Level 48 : Master Professor
Eli the Zeratoed
Eli the Zeratoed avatar
Not sure. They're both cute in their own right, but I'd put my bets on the grassy boi because he's pretty darn adorable. :3
06/17/2019 11:51 pm
Level 43 : Master Robot
Wikimaster0 avatar
Yes! My main complaint for the game is ALSO the art style/character customization! In all, like you said, it looks like a good game, but I would really like more customization, especially if this is supposed to be the spiritual successor to Minecraft; a game that is infinitely customizable.
06/18/2019 12:25 am
Level 48 : Master Professor
Eli the Zeratoed
Eli the Zeratoed avatar
You've got that right! I never really understood why the Hypixel staff would give limited customization options for a game about unlimited creativity. :P
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