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Eli's 4th PMC Anniversary Blog! - The History and Future of Blogs on PMC

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Eli's 4th PMC Anniversary Blog! - The History and Future of Blogs on PMC
Hello everybody! It's me, Eli! You know, the person who used to make blogs on this website a lot? Well, I have came back to make something for my fourth year of being on this website. It's funny how I never thought I'd be active or, at least, slightly active on this site for four awesome years, but here I am! But I'm not just here to relish in that and give another clichéd speech about the friends I've made on PMC and how I wouldn't make it without all of you (and besides, how can I top the comic from last year!?). I've come to be direct on why I haven't made a lot of blogs on here ever since the glory days.
Yet Another Disappointing Nintendo Direct - Nintendo Fan ...
In fact, I've actually made a blog on Valentine's Day concerning the future of blogs when I was 16 years old! I'm not going to repeat any of the points made there, because, let's face it. I'm an adult trying to look for a job that's creatively burnt out on blogs while trying to balance my Discord server as well, and that perfectly describes my situation at the moment. But there is something that I didn't point out in that blog that I'm here to figure out today. Get out your Tardises because we're going to travel back in time! ...To 2015.
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Back in the day, PMC was just a wild west of content, Minecraft related or not. From buildings to mods... How would anyone be able to communicate their thoughts to others? The only way you could only chat was through PMC's now-fossilized online chat-zone, comments of other's posts, and it's forums, so what do we do to combat this? This is where blogs come in to the rescue.

These beautiful creations were the only way somebody's personality could truly unfold onto the site. From poems, art, venting, comics... Anything. It didn't have to be Minecraft-related, either! As long as it wasn't intended to break any PMC rules, it was fair game from here! This is where I came in. Being someone who hated social media, I thought this site would be as forgettable as dirt. Nope. Blogs made me keep coming back again and again to share my thoughts with people who had the same feelings as me: All while injecting my love and personality into them. I could rant about topics every day and people would agree (or disagree) with me as they feel!

But then, two years later, a day before my Valentine's Day blog was released, wall posts came out. A cute little feature reminiscent of other social media platforms where you could post anything, like blogs, but in a short amount of time and with free range of creativity using BBCode (to make it stand out from others). Because of how convenient and easy to read wall posts are compared to blogs, more and more people relied on them instead to get their information out. It didn't help that they were on the home page for anyone who has logged in, either, taking away the focus of user-created content and instead putting it more on wall posts.

But did this feature ultimately kill blogs? Yes and no. That's all up for debate (in a civilized manner, you Magikarps. Get your angry fins off the keyboard). I still continued to make blogs past the wall posts until I gave Discord a chance and suddenly didn't have time to make blogs anymore, with all the pinging, notification checking, and to top it all off, job searches of being an adult now. We've just grown older and didn't really have the time to write up essays of our lives. However, it concerns me that the more wall posts have taken over PMC, the more newer users won't focus on the awe of the site and instead level up to gain the ability of being able to post those juicy newsflashes for their audience to see. What's even more saddening is that because some (not all) moderators don't have the time to scroll through every single wall post they see, some drama can slip though the cracks, and rule 2 (Don't start or engage in drama) gets broken more often than it should. I ain't trying to be a mini-mod here (which coincidentally is another rule), but I just wanted to let that out. Now, the next reason is also a debatable (civilized, Magikarps. Civilized!) one, and that's because there's more of a focus on skins rather than blogs.
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Now, skins have been on this site just as long as blogs have. Heck, PMC is known for it's amazing, talented artists who make them, and it's steal proof, too! Like wall posts, skins can be easily fast produced and well-made, but what makes them even more special is that you can add a description to your skin, which you could make into a mini blog if you wanted to. As I got better at making skins, most of them ended up being mini blogs about particular characters that related to the skin along with updates if I wanted to. So not only can you read a blog, you can get a free skin with it as well that was made from the heart! And so, blogs became more obsolete, and it becomes less surprising when a blog gets onto a pop reel since not many people make them as much as skins or buildings (it's not a huge culprit, either).

And so, we've come full circle to answer the foreboding question: Are blogs really dead? Obviously no! Art blogs are still being made to this day, and there are still plenty of people who make poems and stuff. As long as there are people contributing everywhere, they will never truly leave us. I might come back to making blogs someday when I have ideas or I've got something special for Spooky Scary Blog Month 2020. You just won't see them as often. However, I have a special task I'd like to ask you, reader. If you have a Planet Minecraft account, and you have something you want to share to the world, make a blog about it. Put your heart and soul into anything you can imagine: Art, poems, articles, whatever. Express your feelings without having to make a wall post about it. Let your creativity free, and go nuts! Who knows! Maybe someone out there will shout it out and make your day 100% better than it already was. For now, live your life the porpoiseful way, and thank you... For four awesome years.

CreditThank you for four awesome years, everybody!

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Awesomeeeeeeee happy 4 : D
06/11/2020 11:25 pm
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Eli the Zeratoed
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Ayy! Thanks, Team! :D
06/06/2020 10:47 am
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happy 4 year anniversary :)
06/06/2020 8:16 pm
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Eli the Zeratoed
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Thank you, Eluusive! I'm glad you were able to stick with me for all those years! :D
06/06/2020 4:58 am
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Congratulations on 4 years on the site!

Yess I was first view!
06/06/2020 5:26 amhistory
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Eli the Zeratoed
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Thanks! :D
Also, noice!
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