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Emily's Death: A power rangers fan fiction.

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The 4 Samurai Power Rangers (Minus Emily) were in the ruins of what used to be Panorama City. "Let's Split up, and find Emily." Jayden said. The other 3 nodded, and ran off in different directions. Mia north, Jayden West, Mike East, and Kevin South. Mia looked in a run down supermarket, where she found some survivors. "Excuse me!" Mia called, "Is there a girl, 5"9, Blonde, Blue eyes and wears Yellow?" Mia asked. "No, there isn't!" One survivor called back. Mia sighed and walked out of the Market, and continued into another building.

Mike ran up a an elevator of the local, run down and destroyed train stations, where it was foggy and he couldn't see much. There, he spotted a door, partially opened. He walked into the room and peeked his head in. Their, he spotted a girl, covered in blood. The girl perfectly fit the description of Emily.... But..... I WAS Emily.

Mike looked at Emily in shock, and ran over to Her. "Emily!" Mike yelled, leaning down to her. She had a gun shot, straight in her stomach. "E...Emily, Who did this?!" Mike asked, Emily's eyes fluttering open. "H...Hi Mike...." Emily stuttered "I'm... Sorry I didn't call...." She looked down too her wound. "Emily... I'll call a Doctor!" Mike said, pulling out his Samuraizer. But Emily grabbing Mikes Hand. "You......You Don't need too..." Emily said, Mike looking at her with shock. "But..... But your wound!" Mike said, his eyes tearing up. "I..... Think I should do this for the team...... Just.. Let me die...." Emily looked back at Mike. "That thing is..... I love you.... Every since we first met... I knew you killed my sister..... But I couldn't bring myself to hate you for that....." Mike smiled as a tear rolled down his face. "Same here.... I loved you too....." He said, pushing a strain of Emily's hair out of her face. "But.... I don't want to let you die....." Emily groaned a little. "EMILY!" Mike yelled, grabbing her shoulders. "T...Times up..." Emily said, her eyes fluttering shut. "Do me a favour... Keep Kevin and And Antonio In line......" Emily closed her eyes, and took a breath out for the last time. "I.... Love you..."

Mike continued to shake Emily. He shrugged, and let out a loud scream. The other 3 arrived at the situation and Mia clasped her hands over her mouth. "Mike....." Jayden said "I'm So Sorry..." Mike angrily got up and looked at Jayden. "Sorry? SORRY?! You have no clue how I feel!" Mike yelled "She died, I cared for her!" Mike started crying. Mia walked up to Mike. "Don't worry.... It will Be Alrig-" But Mia was interrupted by Mike slapping her. "I Don't want that It'll be alright crap!" Mike said to her. "I'm out...." Mike walked past the other 2 rangers, and out of the train station. Mia looked and walked over to emily's body, A sunflower laying on her chest.

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11/11/2012 11:39 am
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>_< Not gonna cry...not gonna cry!
11/06/2012 9:15 am
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