Empire Reborn: Chapter 1 - The Stranger

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This is my first story post. This is the story that my new animated series will be based on. It will start shortly after I finish part 1 my SWBF2 V2 map, which will release tommorow. If you read, please give me honest feedback! Thanks!

Chapter 1: The Stranger

A guard stood watch over a campsite. The night was very dark, and very dangerous. He held his bow in hand, ready to ward off any monsters that came close. He wasn’t particularly good at shooting, but he needed the target practice.

Suddenly he heard a groaning sound. Zombie! he thought. He drew his bow and looked for the source of the noise. To his left he saw a dark figure emerge from the forest. He was about to fire an arrow, when the figure got into the light, and he saw it was actually a person. He was covered in cuts, and was holding his left arm. He was very young, and must have not been more than 16. Suddenly the figure collapsed on the ground.

“Over here! Get a medic!” he yelled.

The injured person awoke several hours later. He was lying on a bed in a hospital tent.

“He’s awake. Let Lionel know,” a medic stood by a table nearby. “Hello. Can you hear me?”

The stranger nodded his head.

“Here, drink this. It’s a healing potion.”

The stranger took the bottle and drank it. A few seconds later some of the cuts he had were healed. He groaned as his left arm, which had been broken, healed. Just then, many people began to fill the tent to check on their patient. A young blond man stepped out in front.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I’m Alden.”

“What happened to you?” the medic asked.

Alden sat up. “I was in a mine. There was a cave in. I dug to the surface, but found monsters waiting for me. I’ve been running around for three, maybe four days. I have no idea which direction I came from.”

“You’re safe now,” the blond man said, “I’m Prince Lionel. We’ll try and arrange for you to get home.”

Alden winced. “I don’t have a home. Not anymore. Even if I did, I have no idea where it is. Frankly, I much more interested in starting over at this point. My last home wasn’t much good to begin with. The mines were harsh, and we didn’t get any news.”

Lionel “Wait, so you have no idea of what the world outside of that mine was?”

“No. I didn’t even think the monsters out there were real. Who are you guys anyway?”

Lionel “We are the last survivors of Arcan Kingdom. It was overrun by monsters many years ago. We’re on a campaign to take it back.”

Alden stood up. “Sounds exciting. When do we start?”

Lionel was completely caught off guard. “What? Excuse me?”

“I have no home. You have no home. This seems like the best place to start.”

“I’m sorry,” Lionel replied, “but do you have any idea of what a campaign like this entails? We cannot guarantee your safety.”

“I can fight.”

“From we can tell, you barely survived a few nights.”

“But that was without any weapons!” Alden insisted.

“Good point,” a voice from behind said, “Besides, the fact that he survived at all is a miracle, weapons or not.” A young woman with dark brown hair emerged from the group.

“Excuse me for a second,” Lionel said. The two went outside.

“He definitely has potential,” the woman said.

“Potential, but not skill,” Lionel replied.

“We need all the people we can get.”

“But I can’t in good conscience allow him to be with us.” As much as Lionel needed men, he couldn't let some fool young man join with seemly no wories, not knowing what it would be like.

The woman still supported the idea. “We can protect him.”

“That will make him a liability instead of an asset.”

“Give me three days. Let me see if he will be a liability.”  

Lionel pondered the proposal for a second. “Alright, a few days. But if he turns out to be bad at fighting, you’d better not let him die.”

The two entered the tent again.

“Alright Alden. We’ll give you a few days to show us what you can do. But if you prove to be liability, we will take you back.”

“Sounds good.”

“This is Yaila, my right hand man… or woman rather.”

"You look famished. Eat up and regain your strength. We'll start tommorrow."

Next Chapter - Training


Again, honest feedback is greatly appreciated. If you liked it, show support by any means.

05/30/2014 7:04 pm
Level 23 : Expert Pony
Honestly, there is to much dialog. More story would be better.
06/02/2014 11:19 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Warrior
I agree, but this dialog was neccessary for this part of the story. It will be more balanced in the future. Thank you!
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