Empire Reborn: Chapter 4 - Rescued

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The fourth chapter of my new blog story and upcoming animated series. Please give honest feedback if you read.
Make sure you've read the previous chapters.
Chapter 1: The Stranger
Chapter 3: Ambush

Chapter 4: Rescued

Alden finally awoke from his long sleep.

“He’s awake. I’ll let him know,” he heard a female voice say.

Alden sat up in the bed. He looked around the house he was in. It was a very small and simple house. At the furnace, was a boy, who probably wasn’t much older than Alden was.

“Where am I? What happened?” Alden asked.

“We found you floating down the river.” the boy said. “Looks like you took quite a beating.”

“Where’s Lionel and his men?”

“You mean the fools who think they stand a chance against the monsters? No clue. We heard they had a skirmish somewhere north of here. Word is that most of them were killed.” the boy replied.

“Where am I?”

“At our house.”

Just then, the front door opened, and a girl with hair as blond as the boy’s came in. She young looked even younger.

“Father says we need to go to Navus for some supplies. Oh, hello there. Man, you look better beat up. What happened?”

“I was with fighting with Lionel and his men,” Alden answered “We were attacked by these weird pigmen.”

“Zombie Pigmen. You really need a new line of work.”

“I’m fine. I survived. How bad can it be?”

“Well, I’d hate to burst your bubble, but I you aren’t going to be winning any time soon,” the boy said, “You only went through a fraction of what’s out there. What’s left of Arcan kingdom is now a zombie stronghold. And there’s a lot left.”

“We’re going to take you to Navus,” the younger girl said. “You can get to wherever you’re going from there. And if Lionel’s men survived, they’ll make their way to there.”

Alden got up from the bed, his ribs still sore from the blunt impact of the flail. “Is it very far?”

“Quite far. Almost a days journey,” Chris answered. “We’ll need to leave now if we’re going to get there by dark. Can you walk?”

“My legs are fine.” Alden held his chest. “Breathing is another issue. By the way, I never got your names.”

“I’m Chris, this my sister Clara.”

Clara looked at her brother with annoyance. “What? You don’t think I’m perfectly capable of introducing myself?”

“What? No. It’s just that... Nevermind. Anyways we need to get going. We’ll eat along the way. You got the bread?”

“You asked me already.”

“Well, do you have it?” Chris insisted.


“Okay. Let’s go.”

As the three left the small house, Alden couldn’t help but notice the lack of evidence of a farm.

Next Chapter - Perilous Journey
Again, honest feedback is greatly appreciated. If you liked it, show support by any means.

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