Empire Reborn: Chapter 5 - Perilous Journey

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The fifth chapter of my new blog story and upcoming animated series. Please give honest feedback if you read.
First Chapter - Chapter 1 - The Stranger
Previous Chapter - Chapter 4 - Rescued

Chapter 5 - Perilous Journey

As Alden traveled down the road with his guides, the three remained quiet most of the time. Chris and Clara almost seemed like they didn’t want to talk. Alden had tried to break the ice several times, with no success. This was only increasing his suspicions.

As they made their way, the green plains they were traveling through was met by a roofed forrest. The trees were not very tall, but the branches stretch out far from the trunk, overlapping with other trees. The natural roof shielded much of the sunlight.

“Okay,” Chris said, “This could get risky. Just move quickly, stay close together, and we should be fine.”

“Wait, do we have to go through here?” Alden asked. “I mean, as dark as it is, won’t there be monsters in it?”

“Going around it would take too long and mean traveling at night, when there is sure to be monsters. On the other side is a river that leads us straight to Navus.” Chris said.

“So yeah, this is sketchy,” Clara added, “but I’ll take sketchy over almost certain death. Oh, and take this.” She gave Alden a knife. “We may not encounter anything, but just in case.”

“Okay then. Sketchy it is,” and the trio entered the mouth of the beast.


It wasn’t as dark as night, but it was just enough to mention. The three walked at a very quick pace. It was very reminiscent of the caves Alden used to mine in. He didn’t like the caves, and this wasn’t much better. He eyed every shadow, expecting it to move towards him. None of them did. A few minutes passed.

“Okay, we’re half way through. No going back now.” Chris said.

They walked about another minute. Everything was okay. Alden began to think he might actually survive. Then, a faint whoosh was heard, and an arrow was flying towards them. It shot past Alden just to his right, cutting a bit of his hair.

“Skeleton! Get down!” Chris yelled. Alden ducked down.

“Give me the knife!” Clara commanded.

“But I thought I had to protect myself!”

“No, it was to make you feel safer. Now give me the flipping knife!”

Alden was almost more scared of Clara that the skeleton, and gave it up without hesitation. While Clara had her back turned, another arrow was fired in her direction. Alden closed his eyes, waiting for the arrow to penetrate her back. But he opened them when he heard the whooshing sound stop, and didn’t hear Clara scream. The arrow was gone. No wait. Chris was holding the arrow.

Wait. Did Chris just catch that arrow out of the air? Alden thought.

“I see it,” Clara said. She tossed the knife into the forest. Alden didn’t see anything. But sure enough a few seconds later, a skeleton emerge from where she threw the knife, and its bow string was cut. It was charging at them with an arrow in hand. It raised its bony army and began to descend on Chris. But Chris reached out and stopped it. Then he broke the arm in half and punch the skeleton’s skull, knocking it down. It didn’t get back up.

“Come on! We’re almost out!” Chris exclaimed. The three ran until could see bright sunlight again. They emerged, started but uninjured. Aldens heart was stilling racing, but Chris and Clara barely seemed to break a sweat.

“See?” Clara said. “Better one skeleton than a night time hoard.”

“I… guess.” Alden replied.

“There’s the river. Now we just follow it.”

Alden picked himself up. Okay, he thought. These guys are definitely not just farmers. So what are they?

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