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Empires SMP - The Multiverse Theory

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BiCrafter752 avatar BiCrafter752
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So, I have come up with a theory to link some stuff together on the Empires SMP from S1 and S2, as well as Afterlife SMP. Let me explain.

So, we go along with S1 up to the finale, where everyone dies in some way or another. Most of us have already put two and two together that S1 and S2 are in the same world, just 1000 years apart. My theory is that Afterlife SMP is exactly what it is - an afterlife, because the S1 members ascended to godhood after the Grimlands Explosion. I think this because all of the ESMP members were in Afterlife, except for falsesymmetrey, pixlriffs and PearlescentMoon. In Afterlife, there were several references to Empires S1. Now, if anyone here watches MythicalSausage, you will know that he is really keeping up this theory. His character has had multiple visions of the past, from S1 and Afterlife, the two notable ones being when Sausage sees the mural of Pearl, and when he meets Oli. Additionally, in Oli's video where he joins ESMP S2, it starts off with him in the Afterlife world, then he goes up to the heavens, meets S1-era Pearl, and is thrown back down into the S2 world. It makes perfect sense!

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