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Empress's Daily Journeys, September 10th-11th, 2014

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avatar EmpressofNightmares
Level 9 : Apprentice Architect

Today's Topic: SIN Numbers, Job Interviews, and Plageriszm, Oh My!

Well well, I've been a busy little empress today. Went out, did some banking, and applied for my Social Insurance Number. Up here where I'm from, you need one of those in order to work in this country. Thankfully, I managed to get it today.

That's good, because tomorrow is National Hiring Day for Mcdonalds, and I'm going to head up there to apply for a job, my first, and hopefully a successful one, should all go well. Given how school will (hopefully) be starting soon, more than likely I'll be working evening shifts, should I actually get the job. I'll be focusing on that hurdle before I start making other plans. So tomorrow is stress, worry, and interacting with people who might be my future managers. Talk about something to be afraid of...

Second thing I did today was notice that there was a lot of plagerized skins in my 'Recently Added Skins' page. That makes me a little angry. Can people not be bothered to actually put effort into things instead of just taking other people's hard work and altering it slightly, so much so it makes it 'their orignal content'? Good Lord. I'd rather see some hard work than some skin edited off of another one that's only five months old...

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