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Empyrean: A Constructed Language

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Baroque Obama avatar Baroque Obama
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Okay, so this one might also might not be explicitly Minecraft but...

Some of you might find it interesting anyway! Plus, I'm likely to be using it in The World of Iær....

Empyrean is a conlang, that is, a constructed language. I've started a web reference that provides a lot of information—if you'd like to check it out:

Empyrean Language

**Updated! The site now includes two-way dictionaries with over 15000 entries, an Empyrean roots directory, and free font downloads!**

Empyrean: A Constructed Language
Sample promotional Demonic Tutor card featuring Empyrean

Empyrean: A Constructed Language
Sample promotional Force of Will card featuring Empyrean

Empyrean: A Constructed Language
Sample movie poster featuring Empyrean

Special thanks go to the following multinational list of linguists without whose counsel Empyrean would not be what it is today. Click on their names to hear how they're pronounced, especially if you're having a bad day :).

Айхав Тутиц Форю

Άιλεικ Σμέλη Άσχωλς


代湯 か草ける

Jörge Nedaj

Łęrzmaj Szczytikar

Müßkoch Aßhohls

आयमा भआगलिकर

Enjoy :)

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Baroque Obama 10/19/2021 5:55:38 pmOct 19th, 2021

Major update! Two-way dictionaries added, font downloads added, and site overhauled!

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