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Ender-Chests and How their Unique!

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avatar gooberboy11
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Hello Guys and Girls, Goofy Goober Here!
Today i want to show you why Ender-chests are Unique and can help you with your Minecraft Adventure Wither (See what i did there) Its SinglePlayer or Multiplayer!


Ender-chests are unique because they have the abilities of the Ender Man! Well kinda. When you make a ender chest with 8 obsidian and a Eye of ender in the Middle. When you put any Special to Enchanted God swords to God apples They are completely Safe, You can mine them with a Silk touch Diamond Pickaxe to get the Ender chest, if you break it with a regular Ender chest you will only get 8 Obsidian. If you have 2 Ender chests and put one lets say in the Over world and put one in the Nether When you go to either one you will have your Items! They are completely safe! No more people raiding you base!

Thanks Guys for reading my Blog about Ender chests! If you liked it please Diamond and Subscribe if you want more Blogs like this and more! I'll be also doing 1.4 Snapshots every Sunday!

09/18/2012 4:30 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
Tried to post before, wouldn't let me :/
Great post! The only problem is that they are Admin/Owner proof. Ender Chests provide a safe enviroment for a Faction server, the only problem is lets say a person named Player1 puts hacked items in a chest, the owner/admins won't be able to see that. :/

P.S. Diamond for you :D
09/18/2012 6:10 pm
Level 40 : Master Demolitionist
Thanks, Finally someone likes what im posting :D
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