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Ender killer

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The kill
Imagine a Minecraft world that has no pixels. That is where Steve lives. Where every one lived until the ender dragon hit.
Steve was with his uncle Herobrine. It was hard living with Herobrine even if he was his legal guardian. After his Dad was killed for a crime he did not commit and his Mom committed suicide, Herobrine was Steve's legal guardian. Steve hated Herobrine because he did not say much.

Steve went to his friend Fred's house. Fred was a genius. always making machines and stuff. Fred found a zombie. The zombie was not smart at all. The zombie wanted to eat him but he had a zombie net that he built. Also, Fred had a pet pig named Pork. Fred took Pork from a butcher. The butcher was not happy with him. Fred was a vegetarian so he had a soft spot for animals . Fred bought another pig named Bacon. Bacon was a girl. Fred did not like her, she ate a lot of food. so he put her in a machine called the Combineinator. The Combineinator took a creature and another creature and combined them into one thing. it was not tested yet so Fred was going to test it today. Before he found the Zombie. and he got another pig, he did have anything to test it on. But now he did. Fred put Bacon into one side of Combineinator and the Zombie in the other side of the Combineinator. Fred put his hand on the lever and there was a big flash. Steve did not see the pig or the Zombie. it was foggy out. Steve could not see anything so he yelled, "FRED WHERE ARE YOU!!!." He did not hear anything. He was going to yell again but then he heard a SCREECH! It was like a pig but it was too loud to be a pig.

The fog cleared and Steve could see a big pig. It had two legs and two arms like a zombie but it had a face like a pig. It was wearing a leather tunic. Steve ran into Fred's house. He saw Fred had a gold sword in his hand. Fred gave the sword to Steve. Steve took the sword. (Steve had always ben a better fighter than Fred). Steve went out the door and saw the Pigman. Steve did a stab and it went into to the Pigmans gut. The Pigman had not noticed it was part zombie so it was not really alive. The Pigman grabbed the sword and yanked the sword out of Steve hand. the Pigman SCREECHED again stunning Steve. Steve fell down and the Pigman took the sword and held it to Steve's throat. Fred came out and saw Steve. Fred had a machine. It was Called the Nether and it was a whole other world. He made it when he made a gast and it tried to blow up his house so he put the gast in the Nether never to be seen again. The Nether had a obsidian frame and when you light it, it makes a portal to the Nether. Fred took a stun gun and zapped the Pigman. The Pigman fell and Steve took the Pigman and put in the Nether.

The next hour the police came because of the screech. The police wanted to know everything that happened. Fred told them about the Zombie. The police told Fred that there was a big kill in the west and no one knew what happened because no one survived. The police said that there was a big hole in the ground and that there was another hole in China. They call it the Ender killer. It sends Ender man wherever it is. Ender man have long legs and can teleport. They will kill you in one hit. They think the last place the Ender killer hit's is the temple of Notch. So they put all the world's best fighters to the temple of Notch. Right then everything went black. Steve woke up and he was in a room that had a whole bunch of people. Some did not move. There was a tall man with blank eyes in a bed. It took a while for Steve to realize it was Herobrine. Herobrine said, " I am ok. Don't give me any more potion." Steve said " It's me Steve." Herobrine said "I can not see any more. I am sorry." Steve heard a knock on the door. The door opened and there was a short man in the door way. He said, "The Ender killer is coming. Run!" An Ender man came in and strangled the short man. Steve ran and so did Herobrine.

Outside the temple of Notch there was a Dragon that came out of the ground and spit a green ball of poison. The poison hit a man and the man fell. Steve ran to him but he was not alive. Steve took a bow and ran into the temple. Steve saw a fish but there was no water in there. The fish was silver. Steve saw a diamond armor set behind the fish. Steve walked to it but the fish bit him. Steve shot a arrow at it and the fish died. Steve took the armor and put it on . There was also a sword in the room. Steve took the sword and saw a big Ender man. Steve took the sword in his hand and slashed. The Ender man fell. Steve ran out of the room and found a big frame. It was like a nether portal but it was on the ground and it had a pattern on it. Steve went in and he heard a voice. It was the Ender killer. The Ender killer was the dragon. The Ender dragon said "What do you want"? Steve said "I want you to die." The Ender dragon said, " Why if i die, you will be alone. I have killed every human but you and Herobrine and your mom." Steve said, "But my mom committed suicide." The Ender dragon said, "no she went here and I made her an egg." Steve said "You will die." And he shot an arrow. The arrow went into the Ender dragon. The Ender dragon said "I had ten lives when I was created but I have two now you have taken one of my lives so i will curse you. You will no longer see the real world. You will see in pixels. And Herobrine is on my side and now he will kill you." Steve fell down and was in the woods. Steve said "I will find you and I will kill you."
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