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Ender Quest

Ender Portal

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avatar Foxtails13
Level 19 : Journeyman Engineer
This is a Minecraft themed story that I created. I will try to keep updating and adding more. If you have any ideas for the story, please try to always put them in the comment section. Thanks!

Chapter 1

The Portal

“Steven! Finish up! Dinner’s almost ready!” Mom’s voice called from downstairs. Steve sighed. “Alright Mom! I’m coming.” Steve yelled back downstairs. Then he looked at the clock on his PC. It showed 18:42. It took him a few seconds to figure out the military time on his computer that he always had on because he thought it looked cool. He did the calculations in his head. “Eighteen minus twelve is 6, so it’s… 6:42!” “Jiniping junipers!” Steve had always had a reputation for saying weird things at times.It attracted a lot of stares sometimes. But it did amuse his friends at friends at school a lot though. They were always trying to get him to say funny things. Then they voted on what they liked the best. His best friend, Jen, had a list ranking them from funniest to least funniest. At the top was: “Breadsticks are pain!”

Steve was surprised at the time because it had only felt like 20 minutes had gone. “That must have been a really enjoyable redstone project. I’m going to have to make a video about it.” Steve knew that the projects you had the most fun making were the best. He was just about to quit and save his Minecraft world when suddenly the tan carpet began to turn into a black sort of gas that stayed flat that had blue, green, and white squares in it. He had just a moment to think: “ An ender portal?” before falling through.

Chapter 2

Ender Land (And Air!)

“Omph!” Steve grunted as the portal in which he had fallen through closed in on itself above him. His back pained where he had landed. “Alright, no more breadsticks are pain.” He thought to himself. “Dreams are pain now.” He put his hand up to his forehead, but in doing so, he realized that his hand, was, indeed, square. “Tallifying jello!” Steve yelled as he jumped backwards. But instead of hitting hard ground again, he kept falling, and falling, and falling. He looked down and saw nothing but black.

It was like looking through a telescope to see that it was focused on a patch of space that had nothing in it, not even the smallest brown dwarf star. Steve thought to himself, “This is quite a twist on that falling dream, I guess.” after the fear faded away. Steve often had dreams of falling through nothingness and waking up just before the fear faded away.

Suddenly a voice shouted from above, breaking into Steve’s thoughts, “Grab onto the lead! Quick!” Steve looked up and saw a square rope fling down towards him. He grabbed out for it. It took him a couple of tries but on his third, he managed to grab it and stay on. The sharp stop rang through his body and he almost fell off the lead. He looked down and saw his chair continuing to fall into the void and disappear.

“All right, now just gimme a second.” The voice from above called again. “Lemme just attach the lead to this fence post, then place these pistons along the line… Alright, finished! It’ll just haul you up here, don’t worry! Now, where’d I put my pumpkin pie? Oh yeah, in my ender chest.” “Okedoke then.” Steve tried to calm himself on the inside but he couldn’t stop feeling like; “I was playing Minecraft and then a real life ender portal swallowed me and my chair whole and I almost died and now this guy is asking me where his pumpkin pie is?!?!?!”

Chapter 3

Meeting the Savior

Steve finally flopped onto the platform, exhausted and finally relieved and happy to not be dead. However he thought his left arm might be though. It was still very sore from grabbing onto the lead. "Wheeze, wheeze, whe-" "Yeah, yeah. Just lay there until you die and never tell me what's going on. I'll just sit here and eat my pumpkin pie that you very rudely intrupted me whith your falling through the sky and all that." The voice said with some annoyance, yet there was something in his voice that let you know that he was joking.

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Chapter 1: “That must have been a really enjoyable redstone project. I’m going to have to make a video about it.” - Somebody get me away from command blocks, I beg you...

Fun story, my only tip is: Try to stay as logical as minecraft can be.
The pumpkin pie give the story a bit of fun, but a random portal and a rope which is like half a mile long (assuming he has been falling for a couple seconds already) is in my opinion a bit too... odd (I guess xD).

Keep writing!
  • Foxtails13
  • Level 19
  • Journeyman Engineer
  • January 8, 2017, 10:10 am
NO command blocks included in Steve's world! (: Thanks for the feedback and keeping me in check tho. I did start writing this story so I could put and MC book out there that actually followed the rules of MC and wasn't just written by somebody who has a kid that plays MC.
  • Foxtails13
  • Level 19
  • Journeyman Engineer
  • January 21, 2017, 8:35 am
I changed the pumpkin pie thing so it makes more sense now. :)

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