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avatar megangirl
Level 28 : Expert Artist
Hi, today i will show you some things about the awesome EnderCraft server.

EnderCraft isn't a very popular server, but it is very awesome. So i am here to make a blog to get more MCrafters on the server!
EnderCraft is game version 1.7.4, hopefully it gets updated :)


SPAWN: Spawn is where you first start off. You are surrounded by plants and straight ahead is a building which has portals in it. There are three portals, which the Faction portal isn't working right now because it is getting removed and turned into something else I'm pretty sure. Portal one: Faction World: Portal two: Main endercraft: Portal three: Prison:

FACTION WORLD: The Faction world is a wilderness with mobs, trees, animals and everything you need. You can create factions and it is great fun, I assure you. There are really good Faction commands, like /f jail. (It jails members in your faction if you have set a jail.)

MAIN ENDERCRAFT: Main Endercraft is a world with amazing buildings. You can create towns and there is a portal in there which is the creative world.

PRISON: The Prison World is a town with huge buildings, and if you go inside, you will find out that they are prisons. I am not quite sure if people can get locked up in there, but who knows? 

CREATIVE WORLD: The Creative World puts you into Creative mode, and you can claim plots, and build amazing buildings. Did I mention that you can bounce REALLY high on sponge?!?!? There are bouncy castles! :D



1 Update Logs

Sorry : 05/04/2014 4:46:36 amMay 4th, 2014

Sorry guys, I do have more photos but I forgot how to post more than one photo. And i forgot one more thing IP: MAIN.ENDERCRAFT.COM

05/05/2014 5:55 pm
Level 28 : Expert Artist
Sorry. I am patching it up today. I really wanted it to get out there.
05/04/2014 11:36 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Nerd
The blog is really short and doesnt look like u put a long time into it
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