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Endermen Chronicles: Infiltration

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avatar vDeltaGamingv
Level 24 : Expert Scribe
First, some info on Endermen.

The originate from the End.

When approached, tend to teleport away.

Attack quickly if attacked first.

Will stare back at you if you look at it.

Endermen Chronicles:


Enryon the Endermen awoke from under the sand, fully formed, with his glowing purple eyes on the other Endermen around him.

They all watched him crawl out of the sand and then turned to the sky as the Ender Dragon flew by, signalling the time to Infiltrate the Overworld.

There were several portals out, and many Enderman that would participate in the Infiltration, Enryon included, even if he was just awaken from his growing slumber.

Enryon and two Endermen were instructed to go to the portal leading underneath the forest biome, where it was reported the short blocky creatures had returned to threaten the Ender Dragon and destroy them all.

The Endermen entered the portal and appeared next to about 7 more Endermen waiting for them. They then split up into groups of two when they reached the surface, and went out in different directions, the short blocky creatures on all of their minds.

"Enryon, is it...? You speak yet, lazy?" The other Enderman said to Enryon, who looked over at him and nodded, saying his name, "En..ry..on."

"Still need some work, then." The other Enderman said, slipping past some forest trees as Enryon said his name.

"Well, Enryon, we've found something." The Enderman stopped short as he saw a short blocky man who looked nothing like the usual kind. He had a different look, but looked just as powerful as the so called Destroyer of the Endermen.

The creature looked to have a red buttoned shirt with shorts and a microphone on his head, but the Endermen knew nothing about any of these clothes.

"Hide Enryon, we shall get him when night descends. Oh, the name's Eyers, by the way." The other Endermen said, and faded back against a tree.

Enryon followed suit, waiting for nightfall.

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