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Entity Woods - OpenAI Version

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So, I was fooling around with a piece of software called OpenAI, which generates text based on a prompt you give it. For this, I decided that my prompt would be the first paragraph of my story, Entity Woods! I then gave it free rein to branch off from that paragraph, and we shall now see where it takes our characters. Here is the paragraph I gave OpenAI:

"Are you sure about this?" asked Smidge, glancing apprehensively at the towering spruce trees ahead. "It will be just fine, loosen up a little! All those myths are just stories to tell kids so they don't wander about at night." Juniper declared loudly. "C'mon, let's go!" Juniper started running into the woods as the sun set behind them, running through ferns and piles of leaves. Smidge took one last look at the long path from their village behind them, and sighed. This place is freaky, but June is probably right. With that, Smidge began to follow her, and the sun ducked below the horizon. Little did they know, every myth has a seed of truth.

Now, this following paragraph is what OpenAI gave me later:

Smidge and Juniper had been walking for a while through the thick forest. They'd made a few wrong turns, and ended up having to backtrack twice. Smidge was getting really tired, and it was almost completely dark outside. "Why don't we set up a tent here, and leave first thing in the morning?" she suggested, looking around warily. "Okay," Juniper said, relieved. "We can sleep in this little clearing." They handed Smidge a tent out of her backpack, and began unrolling it. They set up the tent quickly, and crawled inside with their sleeping bags. "Goodnight Smidge," Juniper said as they turned off their flashlight and zipped the door closed tightly. "Goodnight June," Smidge replied sleepily, already half asleep. She awoke to a noise outside the tent. It sounded like footsteps… But so many footsteps! Smidge sat bolt upright in her sleeping bag and looked at Juniper's sleeping bag across from her. It was empty! Where are they? She turned to look at the door of the tent, but didn't see anything strange through it. She looked back at Juniper's sleeping bag, and saw it move! Something was inside it! "June!" she cried as she reached for her flashlight and turned it on, shining it onto Juniper's sleeping bag so that she could see what was inside of it… But nothing was there! No one was there but her! She shone the light around the tent frantically as fear began to well up inside of her chest.

This looks like the start of a good story to me! What do you think?

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