Epic Minequest episode 5 predictions

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avatar Alphapower2015
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Hey crafterz, it's Alphapower2015. 
Alright so if you are a fan of Epic minequest by Sam Green Media like I am, you might be exited for episode 5 (rumors say that it MAY be the last episode) 

!WARNING! This may not be accurate so don't put mean comments plz!

So you you know that Creeper is allowed to sleep outside. But Herobrine told Bones and Zomb (I think thats the zombies' name) to capture Creeper and Steve, and like the tons of fans expected, they are goofing off (as normal,) so I THINK they captured Creeper, I dunno YET, remember, this is a prediction so it will NOT be accurate. So I dunno how they can fit a ending in 2 minutes so it MAY be more episodes or not. Well we will see when it is predicted to come out in September or October (plz October!)

So yeah, I dunno what will happen, thats all I have to say, see ya later crafterz!

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