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Epistle 4 (HL2 Story Finale)


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avatar Luvvly
Level 2 : Apprentice Network
Note : I wrote this out of slight disappointment with Marc Laidlaw's Epistle 3, posted on his website last year.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Gurrdun Frameen, what happened to the Combination? Alex Voonce? The Vartigunts? Well, Playuh, I shall tell you. Although I said I'd end the tale at Epistle 3, more events have occurred. Alex is still gone, and the Vartigunts are missing. The Combination were attacked by a large group of Rebellionists, whilst Seekers continue to roam Black Forest. The Center and Town Sixteen are damaged, and the Teleport has taken all of the Advisory Notices off Earth. The Combination have left, and we are nothing more than a failed project. Repairs are being worked on - Town Sixteen is being rebuilt, and the Center is being salvaged for weapons and technology. I have abandoned my HUW suit, Dr. Kloonir has gone to assist the rebuilding. Moss has apologized for her actions and gone to help Kloonir. The prison, Alpha Prospector, has been repurposed into a Rebellionist headquarters, and the coastal homes along Backroad Sixteen have been abandoned. Zombos still roam about, as do Ants, but they are dying more and more. I left my Gravity Manipulation Device as a gift within White Peninsula East for the Rebellionists left there. And, as a final note, I, Gurrdun Frameen, am overseeing protection of the People of the New Earth Republic. The gnome I took with me to the end of Epistle 2 now sits proudly on the desk which I am writing this from. As one last note, my Supervisor, H-Man, left me his suitcase, containing all the information I need on the Combination to write a fifth Epistle detailing their history. Although I shall keep it personally, I will inform you when it is complete, and so, I must leave. Before I go, however, H-Man gave me a message. To all whom have listened to or read Epistles One, Two, and Three, remember. Always be prepared for unforseen consequences.

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