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Erased: A Steve and Herobrine Origins Story

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Hi everyone! I'm back (at least for a little while), and decided that this would be a fun contest to enter. So please read, enjoy, diamond, favorite, whatever. Oh, and comment. I love hearing what you have to say :)
Steve and his brother, Herobrine, had always been adventurous. They enjoyed exploring, finding new places and going on exciting adventures. After all, who doesn't enjoy fighting zombies and finding hidden treasures in dugeons? Anyways, Steve and Herobrine weren't really the average type of guys, especially since most just enjoyed sitting in their corner and doing what they've always done: farming, fishing, mining, and raising animals.

One beautiful day, Steve and Herobrine were bored. And that's never a good thing. You see, when the two brothers are bored, they tend to get into all sorts of trouble. So they decided to explore. One of the mining caves near their village was closed off, and had been since before the brothers were born. No one in their village knew why the entrance to that particular mine was blocked, and no one was curious anyways.

So Steve and Herobrine had the bright idea to explore the mine. Yeah, ok, so it wasn't exactly a bright idea, but like I said, the two being bored is NEVER a good thing. They gathered their gear - armor, weapons, and food - and set off for the blocked mine. They slunk in, the two unwilling to be caught for fear of being punished, and were immediately attacked by all kinds of monsters.

Monsters had always existed - the spiders, zombies, and skeletons were common sights. The rest of the monsters were yet to be heard of, for the gate to the Nether and the End had yet to be opened. The fought easily, for the two were skillful with a sword and fantastic marksmen. Soon they had eradicated the monsters in the tunnel - but that was just the beginning.

As they crept along the long abandoned mineshafts, spiderwebs and the groans of zombies could be heard, yet, they were nowhere to be found. Puzzled, the two continued along their merry (or not, it's really just a matter of opinion) way, before they came to a dead end - or so they thought. As the two brothers turned to leave, they both saw entrances to seperate rooms. One was empty, the other was crawling with monsters.

Unfortunately, Steve and Herobrine didn't exactly have the BEST logic in the world, and they both agreed to go into the room full of monsters. After all, they had to be guarding something, right? So they launched into battle once again, hacking and slashing and shooting any and all monsters that got in their way.

Both Steve and Herobrine were close to death after the battle, so against their better judgement they ate most of their provisions. Dusting themselves off, the two stood and began to explore the room. Herobrine was slightly disappointed - there was nothing of interest in here! - but Steve had a much more dangerous find.

It was unassuming - a slab of mossy stone - but Steve was curious. Which was quite unfortunate, but it's not like the past can be changed. He wiped off the stone, surprised to see words etched into its surface. "Herobrine! Check this out!" Steve called to his brother.

Herobrine made his way over to his younger brother, peering over his shoulder. "It's a rock. Whoop-de-freakin'-do." Herobrine said with a role of his eyes. Steve sighed.

"No, it has something written on it! Let me see what it says..." He murmured in response to his brother's statement. "It says...

The vanishment will come by the hands to brothers two
The world will start again anew.
All destroyed and nothing left-
The struggle to survive till final breath.

In the world many dangers lurk-
One will fight
The other, hurt.
One will hunt, tame and conquer
The other watch, wait, and shirk.

One will bring death,
The other, life -
Always to live in forever strife.

All beware of the brothers two
For at their touch
The world will start anew
." Steve read.

Herobrine, his interest peaked, stepped next to Steve. "Interesting..." He murmured. "I wonder who the 'brothers two' are?" He said aloud.

Steve shrugged. "Here, help me move this. We should totally bring it back as a souvenir."

Herobrine shrugged. What harm could it do? Steve grabbed one end of the slab while he touched the other. The words engraved on the slab glowed golden, sending out a pulse of light and knocking the brothers into the wall, successfully rendering them unconscious. But before Herobrine was unconscious, his eyes flashed a deadly, glowing white...

Hours later, Steve awoke. It was dim in the cave, and he figured it was dusk. He raised his head weakly, seeing his brother awake. Herobrine opened his eyes, blinking once, twice, thrice. The cave, to him at least, was still bright. To him, it was still noon. Why, you ask? Because his eyes were no longer normal, but glowing white.

Steve tilted his head. "Herobrine?" He croaked. His brother looked at Steve, and his mind had only one word. Destroy. His face cracked into a dangerous, predatory smile. He was Herobrine. Steve was his prey. But now was not the time to kill him. He had to wait, watch. Look for weaknesses and then destroy him - completely and utterly.

His glowing eyes met Steve's. "I suggest you run." He rasped, the last words he would ever say.

Steve gulped. This wasn't his brother. At least, not anymore. His brother was gone. A merciless killer (and rather creepy stalker) had taken his place. Steve scrambled to his feet, sprinting out of the cave. What his eyes fell upon wasn't the land he had come to know and love.

Oceans now replaced deserts, where green grasses waved was now covered in snow. Giant mushrooms and strange monsters had arrived, bringing terrifying dangers to the formally (somewhat) peaceful night. Strange humanoids that Steve called Villagers appeared, along with their villages. Steve, being the brave and adventurous soul that he was, didn't look back. Instead, he kept running, searching for a safe place to rest.

Steve hasn't seen Herobrine since. But he knows that the monster is now lurking in the shadows, just out of sight, waiting for his chance to spring. To attack and kill. And Steve... Steve had been preparing for the fight that he knows is coming. He fights, mines, and braves the night. Waiting and watching for the fateful day of Herobrine.
Tada! Hope you enjoyed the story, guys, and various edits will be made (probably after my brother reads it as an editor of sorts). You know what to do now, don't you? Diamond, favorite, comment, subscribe - all that good stuff. Until next time!

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