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Espionage: End of Days (Original Storyline with Movie and Possible Sequel)

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avatar Bentley1922
Level 27 : Expert Demolitionist
Original Story:

It all began one year after millions of people vanished of the face of the earth. All of the governments of the world came together to form a New World Order called the World Council. At first the world government seemed to have a benevolent cause which was to promote peace and security throughout the whole world. Later, however, the world government became an authoritarian dictatorship with only one man in power. This man's name was Jacov Asal. Jacov Asal seemed honorable, but he was really the Antichrist. That's when he placed the most military presence in the United States of America and started to disarm its people and gradually forced all U.S. citizens to get an RFID tatoo. At first the tatoo was optional. But then Jacov Asal made more and more businesses only accept the digital tatoo. As the only form of payment, the digital tatoo used also to poison those who didn't obey, and track their every location. those who refused to take the chip were now secretly executed by beheading. because of the occupation of the United States and the forced RFID tatoo, as well as the disarmament of the american people. A militia group calling themselves the Protectors of Freedom waged a guerilla war against Jacov Asal snd his New World Order. The Protectors' tactics included raiding and liberating the prison camps that those who refused the chip were held prior to being executed, attacking convoys that were carrying weapons, working to create a fake RFID tatoo that would allow the freedom fighters to move through security checkpoints undetected, allow them the ability to buy and sell, and for some of the militia's spec ops units, it would infect Jacov Jacov Asal's computer systems with spyware as well as sabotaging local news and propaganda in a hearts and minds campaign. Jacov Asal's response to the insurgency was to send in a spy, more specifically a person who has no chip. The reason Jacov Asal wanted to send in a spy was to give him intel on the militia's next attack so that his special operatives could ambush them. The spy he picked was a black-market mercenary named Ryan Wynand. he gave Wynand orders to infiltrate the main resistance compound and retrieve important documents from militia leader Major Dale Jenkins. Major Jenkins was a high-ranking veteran of the Iraq war. When he came back from the war, he had woke up. Dale's new beliefs was that the Antichrist would soon come to power and that under his regime, millions of people would parish. So Dale Jenkins swore an oath to protect the now persecuted christians and wage a seven-year guerilla war against the Antichrist. The war was made personal when Jacov Asal ordered the successful assasination of Dale Jenkins's family. Ryan Wynand left from Texas for Montana the very next day. Arriving in Montana, Ryan Wynand made his way to the local world council embassy to find out where the militia compound was located. What Ryan found was that the compound was heavily fortified deep in the Montana woods on blue mountain. After his breifing at the embassy, he set out form the blue mountain woods. soon after, he arrived at the gates of the compound. Ryan then covertly made his way into the compound walls unnoticed. He soon found himself inside Major Jenkins' office. he was looking inside a file cabnet when he was grabbed and a paper bag was placed over his head. Ryan found himself tied to a chair somewhere inside the compound. Then someone quickly removed the bag from his head. that man was Major Dale Jenkins himself! Ryan was in that room for interrogation to find out who sent him and why he was sneaking around the compound. Suddenly, There gunfire was heard outside of the compound! So Major Jenkins called his men for a counter attack. The battle lasted for about fourty five minutes and was similar to the Waco Siege in 1993. In the aftermath, Major Jenkins had caused Jacov Asal's Secret Police Forces to retreat back to texas. He then explained to Ryan Wynand that Jacov Asal was actually the Antichrist and that he was the embodiment of all evil. After that, Major Jenkins and his men set out to assasinate Jacov Asal once and for all! On the way to assasinate Jacov Asal, Major Jenkins came across a guard outpost. When Dale Jenkins snuck into the bunker, he discovered that there was something bigger going on. The soldiers were adding Anthrax to the water supply! Major Dale Jenkins sprang into action and ambushed them guerilla style! Leaving no survivors, Dale Jenkins left the bunker and continued on his mission. That's when he noticed that one of his militiamen was coughing alot. As it turned out, the man who was coughing had been infected with Anthrax! Dale Jenkins made a tough decision to leave him with some rations and an AKM rifle. Dale Jenkins once again, continued on his mission. Before long, Major jenkins had arrived at Jacov Asal's personal residence. Dale Jenkins found that there was no security on the premisis and the front door was unlocked! So Major Jenkins snuck into the house with his pistol drawn ready to assasinate Jacov Asal and fulfill the prophesy of the Antichrist's fatal head wound. What Dale Jenkins found was that Jacov Asal was expecting him! So Dale Jenkins fired a shot into his head and it healed up instantly. However, Dale Jenkins felt a malevolent vibe coming from Jacov Asal. As it turned out, Jacov Asal had been indwelt with Satan! Almost immediately Jacov Asal told Dale Jenkins to start running. A now shooken Dale Jenkins retreated. back to his compound where he divised a plan. He now knew that he couldn't kill Jacov Asal, so he was going to attempt to slow him down. Dale Jenkins found himself back at Jacov Asal's house before long. however this time there were about five guards. Dale Jenkins managed to walk through the front door supernaturally. Now protected by god, the guards didn't even notice he was there. When he went to the office of Jacov Asal, however, Jacov Asal said, "Dale!? How did you even get in here?". Dale Jenkins response was "I came through the front door. And I have now joined forces with your enemy, Jesus Christ." Jacov Asal said in rage, "The last thing you will ever see is my triumph over his!" Dale Jenkins jestured toward the window and said, "Sometimes he doesn't let you see at all." At that very moment a guided missile was flying toward the window and blew up Jacov Asal's house. A few moments later, A now wrathful Jacov Asal could be seen walking through the flames caused by the Explosion completely unharmed.

Sequal is tba
CreditJoshua Larson, Samuel Larson, Janet Srickler, Community Life Paintball Center, Spencer Morgan

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05/20/2019 10:54 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Dragonborn
Ok This is Epic: The Movie
05/20/2019 6:06 pm
Level 27 : Expert Demolitionist
Thanks :) p.s. it was made with a budget of only $5.00

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