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EVAN SPEAKS! Herobrine Speculation


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Before I begin this blog, I wanna say thank you so much! I relesed my PSY-Gangam Style skin and already has 16 downloads <3 You guys are awesome!

Now to the point of the blog! As you can see from the title, this is another blog about Herobrine. If you do not wish to read another blog about him, continue watching Gangam Style!
Anyone still here? So I personally don't believe in Herobrine (the vanilla, no mods) nor do i believe people when they say the have 'seen' him. The guy who wrote about it on the forums must have been dong it for publicity or a practical joke. One of the logical reasons for the Herobrine bug is that when your playing offline (this applies to beta/ alpha versions of the games) your Steve skin duplicates where you were standing and instead of the regular eyes, the were replaced by white. Mojang probably lapped up the attention bu adding 'Removed Herobrine' to the patch paper. Jeb has said that he wouldn't believe you if you said you saw Herobrine (if any of you watch kuledud3, you'll know what I'm talking about) Herobrine mods and skins are all well and good, but please stop dragging out the stories!
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P.S I have a new schedule for my blog posts going up soon on my profile so you can what I'm posting when. Also if you have any suggestions for any of my reviews or tutorials, drop me a line through PMC!

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